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How to Attract More Clients

Content Marketing Guide


Video Transcript

hi everybody welcome back this video is gonna be about how you get started in content marketing now one of the biggest questions I get asked all the time is how do I get more clients and you get more clients by doing one of five things you either reach out directly so cold calling you get them by paid advertising or by networking you can get them by referrals or you can get them by inbound marketing or content marketing so I’m going to talk today about content marketing the first thing you have to know about content marketing is that content marketing is a long game meaning you have to start it and you don’t stop and it takes time but the results can compound over time and these results can be great but you have to have patience because it takes some time to see those results so now how do you get started so you may be asking what is content marketing content marketing is publishing content that’s a value to your audience it’s as simple as that what kind of content are we talking about it could be blogs articles white papers could be guest posts on other websites it could be curated content so content that you’ve come across that you know will be valuable to your audience and you share that content with them so they don’t have to go searching all over the net to find great stuff it could be at your opinion your opinion on the news or news in your industry it could be sharing your recent work so work you’ve done for clients or stuff of value that you’ve provided to clients it could be vlogs or blogs or images it could be PDFs or lists or ebooks it also could be any kind of resources that you think would be valuable to your audience and you may be asking yourself why should I do content marketing inbound marketing at all one of the things to keep in mind is that 53% of companies out there are engaging in some sort of content marketing so there’s a tremendous amount of content but that also means if you’re not doing it you’re falling behind now the thing about content that’s great is that straightforward advertising or selling is tough because people these days can smell a sell a mile away don’t want to constantly be barrage with promotional emails they don’t want to be brushed with ads and the younger generations are totally anti ads they wish and some of us do all of us do that our lives were you know devoid of all ads and technologies helping that because ad blocking is now the norm on your phone on your laptop but you have to remember that people want content from brands that they like brands that they follow whose products they trust and by providing content valuable content to your followers or your tribe you are increasing their perception of your brand in their minds you’re increasing that affinity you’re increasing that affection you’re increasing that loyalty so delivering free content that’s not advertising that’s not blatantly selling is something that’s really valuable to people so how do you start developing content well number one you want to choose the type of content that you’re going to produce so are you going to write are you going to do a podcast are you gonna do video do a vlog I would suggest choosing one type of content you’re gonna produce to begin with because like I said content production is a long game and it takes a lot of work so you don’t want to overwhelm yourself at the beginning so start with one thing and then expand over time number two develop the content I would suggest batch producing so that’s developing five or six or eight pieces of content that you then scheduled to go out and be published over time that takes the burden of producing something every day every week off of you and forces you to kind of get a bunch of content together and then you have a bit of a breather as that goes out to think about what you’re going to do next number three is you want to choose a platform so you want to choose the platform that’s appropriate for the sort of content that you’re producing so if you’re producing video is you too bright is Vimeo right if you’re writing all right you should you post on a blog on a particular website or if you’re gonna write longer form articles should you be posting on medium or LinkedIn what if you’re sharing resources maybe Facebook groups are the right thing or sharing resources on Twitter or LinkedIn groups if you’re going to send out a newsletter and start developing an email list you’re gonna have to choose a mailing platform something like MailChimp or Constant Contact or Infusionsoft or spark post in order to get started and build that infrastructure for your sending out a newsletter number four is you want to make a schedule you have to figure out the dates and the frequency of when you’re gonna be posting your content you have to think about number five how often you’re gonna post this is gonna be daily is gonna be weekly is going monthly I would suggest that you’d be aggressive but not unrealistic and number six is you post it no one’s watching you at first so if you have that imposter syndrome or have that fear of you know putting something out there in the world get over yourself the great thing about posting content is that at the beginning it’s nerve-wracking but also at the beginning you have almost no audience so you are free to experiment to make mistakes without having you know kind of a huge exposure involved in that number seven is repeat so you repeat your content production on that schedule you treat it like a job no excuses you got to get this stuff out and number eight is you got to promote your work so you’ve got to let people know that you’ve produced content and where they can go to get it so you may want to tweet the URL for your articles or your newsletter or your videos you may want to post on Instagram or Pinterest or Facebook updates there’s any number of ways you can drive people to your content people aren’t just gonna find it by accident number nine is you want to track your feedback so look at Google Analytics look at the comment sections after you’ve posted your content and number ten is start that conversation engage with your audience answer questions return the favor of a comment you have to engage your audience in order to build an audience so let’s talk a little bit about what the benefits of content marketing are there are tons of benefits of doing inbound marketing first of all even though 50% or 53% of large companies are engaging in content marketing a lot of entrepreneurs and freelancers and consultants are not so if you’re doing it at all you’re already winning and the more you do it the easier it gets and the more you do it the better at it you get the longer you do it the quicker you’re going to build that audience and you’re going to be building a library of content over time you have to remember that advertising is finite when you put advertising out there it runs and then it’s over but the great thing about content marketing is that it’s forever once you post something online it’s an evergreen library of content that will always serve you and the longer you do it the bigger that library gets you’re gonna gain credibility you’re gonna gain followers and I always say remember the 3 R’s you want to be recognized you want to be remembered and you want to be revered and the more you show up with the more content you put out there the quicker you’re going to be recognized so that’s it I hope you enjoyed this video on how to get started with content marketing and if you did please hit subscribe below so you can see my videos when they come out and from there how brand designed my strategic branding and design agency thank you so much for watching and if you need help with your brand strategy your brand design or your professional creative career please reach out to me at Phillip Van Dusen comm and let’s see what we can do to take you to the next level and with that thanks again for watching bye for now

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