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How to DOMINATE Video Marketing – Across MULTIPLE Platforms!

Hey, I got some great information today on some hot video tips to help you with your video marketing

These days simply uploading a video to YouTube is NOT enough. You NEED to have a multi-pronged approach which, done manually, takes a ton of time but some software is designed to do all the work for you. I’m sharing with you you guys how to tease, launch and sustain your videos for the long term and also sharing 5 awesome video marketing tips in the video for shooting promo videos for your clients so you can start making money and creating today. The article by Evelyn Timson explains:

Video Marketing Strategy: Tease, Launch, Sustain

“Uploading all your video content straight to YouTube away can be a tempting strategy. It is, after all, simple to do and in theory puts your content in a position to begin attracting views immediately. Unfortunately, the reality of our content saturated online world requires a far more strategic and considered approach to video activation.

You might have heard the ‘Tease, Launch, Sustain’ method used in relation to the launch of physical products. Products are teased to audiences prior to the official launch date before being given a wide release with the support of additional marketing to maximise visibility and memorability.

It is a strategy that also translates well into the digital sphere and its adoption can transform a spike in engagement into a steady and sustainable growth in reach and buzz that enhances your video presence, pushing it far further. This technique requires a small amount of additional planning, as it is recommended that your tease deadlines are set for between one and two weeks before your final launch date, allowing you to maximise the potential of this powerful strategy.

By employing a ‘Tease, Launch, Sustain’ approach to video activation, your content is able to better leverage multiple channels by lengthening the launch windows to reach the maximum number of people and create genuine buzz.” Read more…

Create The Best Video Engagement

In the following video, Jason goes over promo videos how to get new clients how to prepare for them and how to shoot to get the best resonse and engagement.

How to step up our game and stand out from the crowd the rest of the photographers and videographers out there that are trying to do the same thing as we’re doing.

So what I’ll do is this…I wrote down some notes and I advise you guys to grab a pen and paper and take some notes down yourself because these tips and tricks really helped me develop my style and get more work through referrals and being able to send out the work that I already had..

So Enjoy!!



Video Transcript

welcome back to the challenge for those of you who don’t know me I’m Jason anthing I’m a full-time content creator on this channel like to teach you guys how to step up your content creating skills if that’s something you’re into consider subscribing so for today’s video when you guys first start out it’s really hard to get gigs when you don’t have anything to show so my number one suggestion is jump on Instagram and DM businesses or people that you want to work with and offer some free work yes I know I said free work everyone wants to get paid some of us are trying to do this full-time some are part-time summer freelance it’s got to be done if there’s an itch you want to get into you have to have something to show them so once you get the client what you’re going to do is set up a meeting this way you guys could talk about a vision come up with how you’re going to tell the story about that person or business and really now like the music figure out what track you want to use because for me personally I like being able to listen to the track as I’m filming so I know prior to editing like what type of shots I want to get it really helps so and then once you set a time and date oh by the way when you go to that meeting make sure it’s at the location you’ll be shooting at this way you get an idea of what the lighting situation looks like you have idea of what shots you already want to get before you even start shooting so once you set the data and the time we have to prepare for it so what are we going to bring so being that we had the meeting and we saw what the lighting situation is if we need lighting bring lighting but I personally like to try to travel very minimal if I know the Lighting’s I will bring a prime lens and a zoom lens so my go-to usually is a 16 a 35 and a 55 or a 85 for some tight b-roll shots for the sample video that you guys will see shortly I shot it all on one prime lens it was the sony 28 millimeter f/2 that’s it and because it has such a short focal distance I was able to get tight medium and wide shots just using that one lens sometimes when you have too much gear your you’re thinking about like having to use it on the shoe whereas you should be focusing on the the shots to get because not every video shoot you’re going to do is going to be staged and sometimes it’s a one time thing you have to capture it right then and there whether it’s weddings or like someone cutting hair like I’ll show you guys you can’t cut hair again like you have to get another client so you have to be on point now there’s two types of promotional shoots I want you guys to think about one is a staged shoot and one is on the fly running gun now when someone’s getting their hair cut obviously it’s running on but if you’re doing a food video on how the food is prepared that can be a little staged you can reduce shots you could do different types of effects like whip pans whereas the other style shots you have to get the first time I don’t think I could stress that enough so once we’re done with the meeting and we have the gear list that we want to bring with us we’re gonna go into that shoot and kill it you want to be confident AF and you’re gonna kill that like straight up you have to be confident in yourself even if it’s your first time shooting the promotional video now there will be curveballs every video shoot that I’ve ever shot on there’s a curveball I forgot my ND filter or didn’t have one for the lens that I was using or the lighting suddenly changed from super bright out to shadowy and cloudy and it’s about the poor like you always have to adapt so knowing your gear practicing as much as you can with your camera in different situations is gonna make you a better filmmaker in the long run so for the fair child my promotional videos I like to have a really wide shot whether it’s a drone clip or a really shallow depth shot and those seem to be my favorite openers or what you’ll call like a master in the beginning and then the rest of the shots are going to need to change from tight medium and wide and you want to change up the angles and the focal ranges as much as you can so that when you put the video together you’re really telling a story so what I’ll do now is show you a sample of a promotional video I did for my friend who’s a barber we’ll go check it out and then we’ll come back and talk a little bit more about it [Music] [Applause] [Music] so that’s an example of one of my promotional videos that I did for a barber would you guys think of it did I nail everything I mentioned earlier was there multiple angles and tight medium and wide shots did I tell a story I like to think so and he was very pleased I like the fact that we got him going into the barber shop setting up like he was starting his day and then cutting the hair we didn’t just hit record while he cut someone’s hair and that was it so we told the story we had some good transitions nothing too fancy because at the end of the day we want to tell that story and if you guys would have done it any differently let me know in the comments below I’d love to hear how you guys would have approached that I really would if you thought this video was helpful leave a thumbs up if you’re new here consider subscribing and you guys feel these catch up with me on Instagram where I post new photos and videos daily until next time guys I’m J Anthony boots


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