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How to Get Cheap Quality Website Traffic FAST!

SEO Tutorial How to Get Traffic And FREE Leads to Your Website




Video Transcript

in this video I’m gonna show you how to get free traffic to your website fast using a simple hack and if you’re interested in doing this watch this video step-by-step because I’m gonna show you exactly how to dominate your business it don’t matter what you’re in you can do affiliate marketing you can sell network marketing products it don’t matter what type of niche you in you could do real estate guys this worked for absolutely every business if you have been searching for a way to get leads and make sales then stay tuned [Music] alright my friend I’m super excited what I’m gonna be sharing with you here today but before I get into it if this is your first time here hit that subscribe button below because I upload content like this all the time my video is about making money online how to generate more leads for your business etc we talk about everything here so I’ll hit that subscribe button below so you’ll get updated every time I upload a video now guys I’ve been using this traffic strategy for one day and I’ve already gotten 687 visitors to my website and from there 687 visitors I’ve collected 409 email addresses that means I have the contact information for 409 people in one single day and I’ve been doing this very very minimum guys only like a few hours and it is already starting to grow inside my business now I’m gonna show you exactly how to do this most people are only sharing with you how many visitors that they get today website but the truth is you can’t do anything with just visitors you need to collect some information from your prospect or customer or whatever so you can keep in contact with them guys and that’s what I’m gonna be showing you in this video and I’m going to be showing you how to do this using one of the biggest platforms in this it’s the number three largest website in the world and it’s called Facebook I’m pretty sure that you know what Facebook is Google coming in at number one YouTube coming in at number two and Facebook is number three and before I go out and talk about and explain to you how to do this first thing I want to do is throw out some stats here because I want you to get this I want you to understand how powerful this is guys Facebook currently right today has over two billion users and most of all their users are spending about two hours every single day scrolling through the newsfeed uploading photos going live etc and believe me when I tell you that this is where your ideal customer business partner client is hanging out at they’re hanging out on Facebook and I’m gonna show you how to use Facebook to get laser laser targeted traffic to your website collect leads and grow your business now this has nothing to do with paid ads guys what most people don’t tell you that you need a pretty big budget to start doing paid ads you need to know how to tweak and test funnels you need to know how to track guys you just can’t come into paid ads and start throwing money you will literally lose your whole shirt doing it and also this has nothing to do with search engine optimization most people know it referred to as SEO that’s basically what I do now I do SEO I do video marketing I also do blogging but it took me a long time to learn how to do that guys that’s something you just it’s a very slow process you need traffic now and when I first started making money I use Facebook because it’s just a lot faster but for a long term it’s good to learn search engine optimization as well now I’m going to jump into it right now hop on my computer screen and show you guys exactly how to hack facebook and get visitors to your website okay my friend we’re on my Facebook and I’m gonna show you exactly how this work now the reason why most people fail get this the reason why most people fail when it comes to marketing and advertising their product is because they’re promoting their product to people who are not interested eyes you want to build up a targeted audience and I’m gonna show you how to do that free you want to get people who are interested in what you have to offer them because if they’re not interested they are not going to buy from you and also a lot of people when they’re using Facebook they’re spending a lot of time marketing they’re spending a lot of time sending out messages adding friends I’m gonna show you how to literally do that in your sleep I’m gonna show you how to do that while you’re out you know picking up groceries or doing whatever so let’s get into it guys the tools that we’re gonna be using to build our target audience with is right here it’s basically a Google Chrome extension guys you gotta use Google Chrome in order to use this tool and I’m gonna show you exactly how to use it but you want to stay to the end of this video because I’m gonna show you how you can get access to it okay the first thing you want to do guys you want to find out your ideal customer if let’s say you’re you do credit repair so let’s type in credit repair here that’s already here so let’s go to the pages and you want to click right here where it says pages and what you want to do you want to go through liking a few of these pages as you can see I have already liked a few and the reason why you want to like these pages is because these pages are going to target you with ads and you’re going to be able to see it in your newsfeed right so you want to make sure you like a few and I’m gonna click on this one right here where it says over a hundred K likes and this is the I do credit repair guys it don’t matter what you do like I say real estate or network marketing the CBD all industry is booming right now if you do that guys this tool is gonna it’s gonna blow your mind so let me show you how to use it here you want to scroll down once you go to the page that’s related to your niche you want to scroll down and you want to find a post with a lot of likes just like this one right here it has 1000 likes you want to click on it and what you want to do you want to add these people as friends now remember these people are related to what you have to offer you see right here like I said I’ll type in credit repair but it can be anything this search toolbar right here is gonna be your best friend guys just like let’s say if you were in the car niche I mean you can type in Chevrolet it’s gonna bring back all the pages related to Chevrolet to cars and you can promote whatever you have to promote to them but here’s the thing right here adding these people can take a lot of time guys and your time is more important than anything that’s where this tool come in at play this tool right here will literally go out there on autopilot and add people for you and it will also council request for you and I’m gonna show you exactly how it work here so I’m gonna click on it let’s see right here where it says add FB friends I’m gonna click on that and this look toolbar gonna pop up here guys and what you want to do right here where it says delay you want to put no less than 10 seconds here the reason why is because you can get your account closed down if you start doing it too fast you want to mimic a human being this tool does a lot of heavy lifting for you but you can also get in some trouble if you don’t respect it so you want to put no less than 10 seconds here and right here where it says total you can send up to 1500 friend requests in a day but for the sake of this video I’m gonna do let’s do about eight and all you do is just click start now guys this tool does so much more and I’m going to show you a few more features here but I want you to stick with me to the end because I’m gonna show you how to get access to this they also have training to show you how to use this tool so I’m not gonna make this video super long but I just want to show you the power of it so I’m gonna click start here and you can see in real time this tool is gonna go out and add people as friends just look over here I’m gonna put my cursor over here so as you can see one friend request sent and it’s doing this every ten seconds so you don’t get in trouble and you may get this little warning message pop up don’t worry because it will counsel because it don’t want to get you in trouble so it is it counseled that one and it’s going to the next one and as you can see it already has two friend requests sent so far so think about it guys if you do a thousand of these you may only have 500 go through but that’s 500 people that you connect it with on complete auto-pilot you didn’t do nothing but it’s not all about sending friend requests you gotta build relationships with people and I’m going to show you that this tool will also do that it will also help you go out there and be social this is what Facebook is about it’s about being social so I’m gonna go ahead go ahead and just stop this real quick guys cuz I don’t want it to take all day so as you can see right here – so far it didn’t get finished because I didn’t let it go through but you can see it works guys it works now what do you do after you send these friend requests out okay I’m gonna click up here again and once people start adding you you want to click this right here and what it’s gonna do I’m not gonna go through all of it because the training gonna show you how to do it but you can preload messages see it says automated messages you can preload messages into this tool and it was sent to people I mean how cool is that guys and I mean it’s this is about being social this is how you build your business I mean this is the only way I was able to build my business I had to connect with people remember when I told you at the beginning that I collected four hundred and nine emails well this is how I did it I just basically sent out friend requests when people started adding me I connected with them by sending them messages you know I built a relationship with them they started asking me what did I do for a living then I sent them my website and then when they went to my website they had to opt-in with their email address that’s how I did it this right here can blow your business up and here’s another feature right here a like feature when you start adding people this right here will go through and like their post and when you like their pose what they’re gonna do next they’re gonna come to your page and see what you’re about they’re gonna be like hey who is just like in my post this tool is very very powerful if you use it correctly and like I said you’re gonna get all the training you’re gonna even get some pre-written messages that you can load in here but you may have to tweak them a little bit to fit your business but you’re gonna get all that you’re gonna get to training us and I’m gonna leave all the links below and oh yeah another thing you can add unlimited profiles to this see I wasn’t running this tool on this exact profile that I’m showing you I have other pages that I just don’t want to display on this video guys I’ve been killing it and this tool right here is awesome I’m glad that they created this and guys I hope you found value in this video you want to get access to this tool click the link below in this description and hey don’t forget to subscribe and I look forward to working with you peace

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