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This Cool SEO Strategy Works

SEO Isn’t Magic

You know…Google has a goal.

You also have a goal.

You just need to combine the two.

The thing is…. Google wants users to keep coming back, time after time…

… And you want to be introduced to those users.

The top search results are the best Google has right now.

Examine what Google currently “has on stage”.

Then create a performance that users won’t forget.

And when Google comes looking for new talent, “simply raise your hand”…


It’s really not that difficult…


This video presents what you need to know about SEO to rank well on Google and get organic traffic.

We break down Google’s guidelines for page quality and how we can apply them in a practical way on our websites.



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Video Transcript

hey everybody and welcome to our 2019 complete guide to SEO we’ve put a ton of work into this presentation and we want to make sure that we can present it in a way that will really help you to get those rankings on Google so the first thing that we want to convey to you is that we don’t want you to lose the forest among the trees there’s so much that you can do in terms of SEO but we want to make sure that you get the most important things first and so we want to show you like what we’re actually doing in SEO and not try to just impress you with general SEO knowledge so we’re gonna be taking your questions since this is a live stream we’re gonna be taking your questions periodically throughout but we have a ton of content do we want to make sure that we can get out during this webinar thanks everybody for being here ok Google has published a 200 page PDF where this is for their quality checkers most of the way that Google that Google’s algorithm works is really just from algorithmic things things that Google can do just with technology to judge the quality of your page but it knows that that’s been so gamed that they have now an army of people that are manually going through and ranking websites and their their PDF their guide of exactly what they do to rank your website has was initially leaked leaked and now is just public information and so it’s really really cool that we get to get a live view of what Google cares about in terms of SEO yeah so the first thing we want to talk about is what exactly are those SEO tools and the most important thing that Google cares about is the user experience so first let’s talk a little bit about what it is that we’ve done an SEO to let you know what exactly is possible that’s right sorry guys I got a little bit frazzled because of Technology issues but let’s dive into this first of all what we don’t want is for you to let the SEO gurus scare you into I mean everybody’s talking about all these kind of technical things you have to do on your website we have tested so many things and we know what works for example on Camp report calm you know over the last five months traffic has jumped from a hundred thousand to two hundred and fifty thousand page views a month just in the course of five months because of the way that we’re approaching SEO dirtbikes seventy three percent of the articles on there are ranking number one on google okay we’ve never been hit by a Google algorithm update and our sites actually continue to improve as as Google improves and then the other thing tens of millions of people have visited our websites over the years from Google searches so I know it may be it sounds like we’re just kind of bragging a little bit but what we want you to know is that this stuff works and actually has worked for a long time and will only become yeah that’s that’s so critical that you understand that like you know if we can create a website and get 73 percent of the articles that we read that we write to shoot above the thousands of others of competition to number one 73 percent of them can be number one you got this if you follow this recipe what we’ve done is we’re taking everything that we’ve learned and we’ve put this into a 45 minute presentation to hopefully get you to where you need to be all right now let’s talk about the most important thing for you to understand the aim of all SEO every thing that we’re going to teach everything that Google does all the algorithms all the tricks is about one thing and it is to give the most helpful answer when someone searches your topic so if somebody searches RV depreciation the whole goal of everything in SEO is to just make sure the best page is number one that’s right everything else the SEO talks about or that they talk about is just a way that Google uses to measure how helpful your website is or how well your website answers the question or resolves the query that somebody has so we want to go through a little bit of an analogy for you I love Tesla cars they’re awesome I don’t know anyone yet but they’re awesome right well they’re not the only car company there’s another car company Volkswagen who right now has a terrible terrible reputation in the industry because they saw that you know government regulators were testing emissions government regulators and consumers cared about how green the cars were and so there were basically two ways to get around the problem if you have a company a car company you can either make a car that does really well on the test but is not green at all that’s what Volkswagen did that’s why they lost hundreds of millions of dollars and thrashed the reputation of the company they cheated on the test they tried to take their car and just make it perform really well on an emissions test but it wasn’t green at all it was doing a terrible job and the other option is Tesla now Tesla say what you want about it in terms of being a green car like they just blew away the competition does Tesla even care about emissions tests no they care about being a green car and because of that they pass every emissions test it’s a perfect analogy perfect for your decision in SEO you can either be a Volkswagen website you can either find out all of the measurement tools that Google is using to measure the quality and helpfulness of that page and try to beat each one of those tests there are over 200 ranking factors that Google uses or option number two you try to just create an incredibly helpful page and then the tests are gonna come easily but that it can be frustrating to hear because you say yeah but I’m trying to make helpful pages that’s right now you’re asking how to move from page four to page one when page one is full of these authoritative websites this is actually the stuff that you need to know that’s what this webinar is actually about we’re gonna teach you how to just make a better page and that 200 page document all of it is really just way different ways of measuring how good is this page and so we’ve broken it down into a helpful way of presenting right okay so Google does have actually a ton of measurement tools that they use to try to again to measure the things that really matter which is how well does that particular page meet the need of the user they do this through you know user experience through the ranking algorithm they’re looking for things like click-through rate pogo-sticking which is a little bit different from bounce it’s where somebody comes to you know the first article bounces out it goes and looks at article number two bounces out so they bounce back and forth which tell us again it tells Google that those articles are not giving them what they needed yeah somebody had to click into four or five search results to get the answer that’s mad so people always say like oh I have a high bounce rate that’s bad and I would say not so fast yeah actually a bounce rate can be good for example if I search something like what’s the temperature outside in star Idaho and I go to a page that just clearly tells me the answer I have no reason to go to other pages so I bounced but that’s actually fine right yeah that’s actually a good thing if I pogo stick tanned I looked at other search search results that’s probably bad and and this is data that Google can easily measure among other things like the length of content it’s easy for them to measure you she can understand why Google’s been using these tools having you catchy and descriptive title having really good formatting having a really good direct answer quality links quality external links to your page having a good reputation and get Authority use of images I mean there’s there’s a whole list a huge list of many many many things that Google uses to to impact where you should rank the length of the URL the author reputation but all of these things are made to measure just a few specific things that that we can accomplish through very very simple means and that’s what we’re going to get to yes so Romi Tamra Carr is asking do we do link building or no link building in our in our approach well let’s just go to what Google is actually telling us in their guidelines plus other things that we’ve found like let’s look at what their test is and now your question is do you want to be Volkswagen are you gonna try to beat the test or do you want to be Tesla and just create a better page and so you can go look at this 200 page document you just go to income school comm slash 200 if you want to read 200 pages it’s there but this webinar is the shortened version of it so the shortened version we’ve kind of broken it into chunks and the first one is reputation Google cares about the reputation of you as the writer and of your website as a whole that’s right so again reputation is something that Google’s been able to measure through some other things but again it doesn’t totally get to you know what the reputation is so you know quality and quantity of websites linking to the domain so not just having a lot of links to your website but having really good ones is a way that Google measures quality so again it’s the measurement right if you want to game the test you can work really really really hard to build links from you know high quality websites that can be very very very tough to do because there’s no way to do it except legitimately if you find some you know if you’re trading links with other websites if you’re buying links it’s not legitimate and and it doesn’t build your reputation so it doesn’t meet that criteria the quantity and quality of websites linking to a particular page is going to help that page rank high rank higher again based on the way Google has been measuring things up until now but there are some other things that they’re doing today they’re using human quality checkers many many many human quality checkers to measure the or to rate the authorship of the person who wrote the post right so what’s their reputation yeah like exactly like if I’m going to a page about a legal topic for example it matters that the person is a lawyer if I’m going to a page reviewing pontoon boats it matters that the writer of the article owns a pontoon boat or sells pontoon boats or does something with pontoon boats the reputation of the author the website and links to the specific page do matter so there are all these different ways that Google is measuring it they’ll look at your Yelp reviews if we’re talking about a local business and stuff there they’re actually digging into that kind of things and if you’re in a certain category that Google calls ym y el your money or your life then it really matters that you have a reputation if my left arm is numb and I’m having a heart attack and I google heart attack symptoms it doesn’t want to give a chance that it’s going to send me to the wrong website so Google has to say who has the right information Google doesn’t hasn’t isn’t gonna go read a bunch of medical textbooks to try to say oh yeah this was right I was accurate this one’s inaccurate but instead they say you know what the American Heart Association has like 50 million links to it people clearly like this website and they’ve written an article about this it’s probably gonna be reliable but an important caveat there the American Heart Association didn’t go they didn’t build their reputation by going out and spamming the internet with backlinks right they didn’t go out begging for backlinks they created quality content they created a quality they invest millions of dollars into research exactly their research there their content is top-notch and because of that they’ve become the authority but it didn’t happen overnight and and that is the important note here so for years we’ve said you know sites about fitness weight loss finance that kind of topics legal topics they are very competitive but that’s not the only reason why it’s so difficult to rank there it’s because if you’re a nobody and you have no reputation Google probably isn’t going to trust you with a search result now those are the measurements those are the those are the tools Google is using to decide them and if you can’t read the text on the screen you’re fine you go to income school calm slash 2019 slides and you can download them all this is really just to keep us on track we’re telling you yet and on the y myl note and a question did just come in on this and i do want to make sure this is covered again Google is not trying to decide which content is you know more valuable than other content like alternative medications versus you know traditional medications or therapies they’re not they’re not distinguishing which is better which is more important okay what they’re doing is they’re trying to help users find the content they’re looking for so if somebody Google’s alternative you know alternative treatments for heart attacks then yeah a website will get something alternate they can get some you’ll get the alternative stuff but if you’re looking for what are the symptoms of a heart attack they’re gonna go to the guy who has treated 20,000 heart attacks in his career and they’re gonna link to his article first because that guy has a reputation and experience and so if you’re not a medical professional but you do promote some sort of alternative therapy because this question specifically did just come up that’s okay if you actually have any sort of legitimate experience tied to that whether or not there’s any credential associated that experience alone can give you the credibility and the reputation that you need and we’re going to show you in just a minute how to establish that reputation because exactly you know we’re telling your reputation matters but we’re not telling you to establish it by spamming the internet with that weeks yeah so somebody’s asking here like should I be active on social media to establish established reputation you can find the answer to all of those questions should I do this should I do that but just answering one if there were no Google and you were trying to establish reputation in an industry would you do it then yeah go for like would it be smart to be on social media if somebody has a following of five million people following you on a topic does that go to credibility yes of course it does so here’s the here’s the kind of nuts and bolts of this backlink profile domain authority authorship all of that is yesterday’s SEO that’s the Volkswagen approach that’s trying to just beat individual tests today it’s about your reputation it’s just about you getting out there and setting up a reputation so you say but I don’t have one you say I want to write about about pontoon boats but I don’t even own a pontoon boat you say I want to write about knitting but I’m just getting started I want to write about medicine but I’m just interested I don’t have a degree in it that’s normal for all of us we’ve created so many sites on topics that we were new Act so let us show you how we did it and still rank just fine that’s right this is our we’re printing this income schools five-day super secret reputation builder let me there are a lot of marketers ya can’t just give this out the first thing is to just get real if you’re making a site about pet snakes go get a pet snake for heaven’s sake if you’re making a site about pontoon boats rent one for the weekend if you can’t afford to buy one you know you can’t just totally be an impostor you have to get into it somehow but if you’re writing about you know how to are you writing about rock climbing go spend a couple of days in a rock climbing gym that’s what you had to get real step number one make it legit take some photos while you’re at it so that there’s photos of you like real legit photos rock climbing and Ricky’s not saying this just out of out of in theory Lego it we’re making a website about pet snakes right now and so we’re buying a pet snake because when you’re writing an article one you know do pet snake smell you just go yep hey you know like it just makes everything so much more real if you will do that if you’ll just make some effort to be involved in that thing so that’s step number one you can’t get across that just try to be real step number two create an about page on your website we are terrible at this yes this has not been something that we have typically had in our recipe and as we reviewed the 200 page document for Google you know we said hey that’s that’s a pretty big oversight yeah we really need to do that because we’ve always felt like you know it’s not really about us it’s about them and the content I can kind of see that too but but Google wants it they want to be able to find out who you are where this is coming from to establish your reputation so just simply make an about page okay we’re talking about a five-day way to build your reputation in any industry and we’ve already done two of them that takes you a very short amount of time that’s right and on that about page what sort of stuff to include look if you have a degree in something say that you know if you have any credentials if you’ve spoken to conferences great if not in most niches you’re not gonna need those sorts of things what sort of real experience do you have talk about it if you say you know I’ve had a background a backyard garden for the last 20 years and I’ve learned you know all sorts of stuff about what works and what doesn’t work there you go that’s real life experience and in Google’s guidelines they specifically say that real life experience is fine you don’t necessarily have to have the degree and the certificate and the credential you know if you’re writing about back pain and you can say I’ve been a back pain sufferer for the last 10 years yeah I’ve been to tons of doctors tried all kinds of therapies like that does have your reputation even though you don’t have a degree and you ask what if what if somebody lies about that stuff you know if somebody lies about that stuff and they put out bad content and a whole bunch of other websites recognize that and see that and write like hey you know what this guy is like cousin village it if okay so this is something specifically that Google said and that is that if you establish yourself as having a certain reputation and independent sources multiple independent sources establish you is not having that reputation they will trust the independent unbiased sources now that doesn’t mean that every negative review is going to just hammer you that’s that’s not the way it works Google tries to give it as fair and balanced as a view as possible but if they’re getting a similar negative reputation from multiple independent sources they’re gonna trust those over you every time that’s folks we’re gonna test loads out there yeah you want to game the test sure but there are 200 ranking factors and they’re gonna find you out on one of them maybe not today but they will eventually yeah okay next create a resource designed for sharing it’s just helpful in terms of reputation that something you’ve been created that you’ve created has been acknowledged by someone else in the industry create you know a pin on Pinterest on you know put your article on Reddit make an infographic or an epic post just something that could possibly be shared so that your website isn’t just an island then go do some outreach this do not spend copious amounts of time doing this if I were to create a new website and it were not about why my all kind of content I might spend one or two hours just writing one guest post putting it out there just so that somebody can acknowledge you go on a podcast do a YouTube collab just do something with someone in the industry just as acknowledgment it’s easy this is a one-day thing don’t spend forever doing this and again the guest posting has not thing to do with getting a link has everything to do with just establishing a little bit of a reputation and that’s exactly right and and I think you made it a really important point there and that is that there are more ways to to build that reputation and to do collaboration beyond just writing a guest post I know a lot of people have told me they complain all the time they say well nobody will post my article without me paying them which is not a legitimate way to build a reputation it’s just not and so what what could you do go sit sit in and be a guest on somebody’s podcast there people are more willing to have you be on their podcast than they are to post your article on their website for some reason same thing with YouTube doing a YouTube collaboration you know have a Skype interview a phone call and record that and put it up get them to put it up on their YouTube channel that’s not the same thing as as trading links it’s different because there’s real genuine content being shared back and forth with each other’s communities and it does establish reputation as your website gets bigger you know when you’re at five hundred thousand a million page views or you’re writing about very very fragile kind of topics why my all things like that then go speak at a conference if you’re willing to speak for free there’s so many conferences you have to take you go write an e-book in two weeks and put it up on Amazon get a certificate from an online course just something to get started so that’s it we’ve just established your reputation like all of this thousands of YouTube videos about backlink profile all this that’s yesterday’s SEO today’s SEO is just establish a reputation and let Google measure it how they measure it it’s easy to do I mean we’re talking about stuff in five days you could be done and you’re you’re set for like I don’t know maybe a quarter of the of the ranking factors or something to do with your reputation yeah you did it in five days again we’ve talked about there there literally hundreds of ranking factors that people have figured this seems to matter this seems to matter that Google has said there are so many of them that to try to game each one of those is a huge waste of time this is in three months Google will put out another update and your gaming will be will be gone so so do these few steps and establish a real reputation now if we want to game stuff this is the place where you game stuff this is Google’s user experience measurement tools so these are places where you should be gaming things and by gaming I’m just using that as a funny term I’m really just talking about improving it yeah because whenever you improve your user experiences the tool is gonna reflect it so here’s how Google actually measures this stuff we talked about pogo-sticking so making sure they get their answer right away in the article the content length you know when I go to Home Depot I’m not very handy I’m building a tree fort for the kids I say hey I want something to like a bolt to go through the tree to it attach it every time the Home Depot’s guys like aisle 53 and he starts walking away it’s like and when I read so many blog posts that’s how I feel it’s like they just look just kind of give a short answer in 300 words and just kind of just toss it out there and it’s like no I I wanted you to not just give me what I asked but also think of the next couple questions that I’m going to ask and really walk me through this in a helpful way so content length is a way to measure that exactly so again Google is using content lengths to try to measure that but they’re doing a lot more again pogo-sticking is a way they measure that the use of images and other multimedia on your site yeah historically you could gain Google by just putting an image on your site you know just putting an image on the on the article we found that was it remember what the website was what’s the difference and they just put random like paintings yeah like what’s this about net or something like that they should have a random picture of their like is not trying the game Google yep and when we went there we were like what is this it’s a bad user experience right so yes you may be the Volkswagen and beat that particular test there is a networker there yeah but it’s gonna be a bad user experience and it makes people say what the crap and they post and and you know some of these other measurements kind of kill that Google Scott and wise to that again if people are pogo-sticking if they’re not spending an adequate amount of time on the page for the question they’re asking that’s another one time on page if if they the user experience is bad people will behave like the user experience is bad and it will impact your ranking so you can’t game it the way that you used to be able to other things Google is looking for clean formatting and organization of the article if you just ran in huge blocks of text that are hard to read again Google sees that Plus that impacts the user experience and people will behave that way click the row rate if you rank number one that you’re looking great for everything but you just have a cruddy title that doesn’t interest people that’s a poor user experience you don’t rank as well things like over monetization you go to the page and it’s just stuffed with ads or ads blocking content poor user experience in the 200 page document something that I found really interesting is they consider affiliate to mentions you know affiliate links to be the exact same as having an ad there and I think that’s a smart way of doing it actually when I go to these posts that are like 20 tools for 20 hot tub accessories and it’s just so obvious that they’re just trying to stuff affiliate links at me it’s a poor experience whereas instead if the user experience is like hey I own a hot tub about a whole bunch of crap and these are the three accessories that we like really love in our family much better user experience absolutely so again Jim just mention this but the most game Abul ranking factor of all is the user experience and and nobody else seems to care about that they don’t seem to be talking about this let’s talk about what we can do for the user experience you know you just somebody just asked here about keyword stuffing and obviously we talked about that not being a good thing you know that’s a Volkswagen what’s the right rate again even thinking about the rate is the Volkswagen approach think about the user experience if I read a paragraph and the sentence in there just does not fit because you’re just restating the same keyword over and over again that’s a bad user experience there’s not a rate it doesn’t matter what matters is that you answer the question they came for and that you do it quickly now it’s easy for somebody to say yeah but I really want to rank on Google and what we’re saying is for us owning a network of websites and having written thousands of articles as soon as you know like five years ago we stopped caring about that and we said you know what I’m just gonna write a post on this it was fine in fact it was better than fine I said are they doing better yeah we’re thinking about how do I write this for a machine we’re thinking how do I write this for an individual because guess what the machine is trying to guess how the individual is gonna do and now Google is using individuals to rate different and they’re not rating your website they’re rating specific articles on random websites all over the internet yeah why do you think Google is pouring millions hundreds of millions of dollars into Android Chrome Google Analytics it wants the user data yeah why do you think Bing has such a hard time knocking off Google it doesn’t have the user data for the internet people people aren’t using Windows edge as much it just doesn’t have as much user data and so it’s tougher to knock off Google yep so here’s some examples of what it might be so let’s take Wiis let’s say we take a query of travel trailer depreciation I think we rank on number one on Google for this term we do yeah so what would it look like to write a cruddy article answering this a medium and a high quality because we don’t want to just go through this webinar keep saying keep reading high quality content or whatever wait say what that looks like well the article that we ranked number one for in fact open up another tab and just Google something like travel trailer depreciation or RV depreciation you’ll see us on there our site is camper report com the snitch and I would consider that to be a medium user experience we have some nice images on there kind of fun things it’s an adequate length it’s probably 1,500 words long and we have some examples on there so I think it’s a medium user experience what did it look like to take that article though and push it to the next okay so pushing that to the next level one the article is actually not that long it’s fairly short for that type of content I would expect to have pretty thorough in-depth not just explanation but making more examples maybe a little bit more research it didn’t have a great – sent an exact answer at the top and that’s the next one answering the question quickly and very thoroughly a lot of people think that if you bury the answer in the post that people will stay on your page longer and that’s better that was Volkswagen but when you go to the Internet or you know when you type in a search query and you read and number one article comes up and you start reading through it you get through about four paragraphs and you’re like they haven’t even like there’s no indication that the answer is coming anytime soon mm-hmm I bounced I’m gone I pogo stick because then I go look at the second article mm-hmm and if people are behaving that way on your website that’s how Google is going to treat your website it will drop in the rankings answer the question quickly and thoroughly right up front if we had answered it like you know RV’s tend to depreciate about 15% in year one another ten percent in year two and then the depreciation amount decreases over time after that it’s helpful that would have that would have nailed the answer mm-hmm okay a couple comments we got here first of all hold three goes from Brazil and we love Brazil and then we have a Pisa the wall I’m sorry about that is rankbrain here to stay how much waited would you give to the user experience on a scale of 10 when it comes to SEO no question like where links used to be number one there is no question yeah that right now it that and it’s only gonna going to I will make a prediction that will make me look like an idiot in five years but I think in five years links are links are not a ranking factor or whether just long my data analyst I think I would not disagree with that one bit and you asked his rank brain here to stake think about it from the perspective of Google what are they trying to do I mean we’ve kind of answered that question many times but Google is trying to help users find the content they’re looking for end of story find the most helpful resource on the internet based upon you know what people are searching for rankbrain helps them do that because when you know somebody goes to a webpage after looking something up and it doesn’t give them the experience that they expected they’re gone now is Google going to refine that further yes I don’t think they’re gonna back off of that I think they’re gonna double down on it mm-hmm absolutely and as artificial intelligence gets smarter this is the ranking factor that really matters and if you want to see the slide somebody’s has to get income school comm slash 2019 slides you can follow along okay 3d talk says his website is three months old and he still hasn’t seen any Google traffic stay tuned yeah coming up okay all right so we’ve talked about now your reputation which is a good chunk of the ranking factors we’ve also talked about user experience now we didn’t get into as much like what specifically to do with with user experience because it’s really just about writing a good post right it depends on really what what the post is the depreciation may be having some tables would be a really good user experience exactly and I think formatting is a huge job I just asked about that formatting is is pretty key to user experience and I’m excited about WordPress Gutenberg and four point nine point six right now it’s a kind of a beta deal but in WordPress five coming up very soon that’s going to be the default way to write there are going to be growing pains but I’m really excited about that because it’s gonna make all of us more likely to add the table more likely to add a little drop cap at the top at the start more likely to have a cute little quote there a clickable tweet all those kind of things that just make a post fun to read I think are incredibly incredibly important it’s something I want to get better at at just making up my post clean easy to read beautiful fonts nice nice text like all those things like I’m gonna spend a whole day you know once you have a site that has 100,000 page views if I spend a whole day like getting just some clean readable fonts I’m perfectly happy with that I think that was a good use of my time yeah I think so as well okay so we’ve talked again we focused a lot on user experience that is really key you need to spend a lot of time on that but then there’s a few other kind of pass/fail measurements that honestly you should just like knock these out and spend a day and knock them out the first one is site speed having a website that’s slightly faster than another website is not really a ranking factor if anything it might be a tie breaker but hardly even that okay what matters is that you’re not at about the bottom 20% yes if you’re in the 20% slowest web sites on the internet that will impact your your ranking anything above that you’re doing just fine now we actually have a great video we’ll link to it here in the in the replay it’s one of the best videos we ever made yeah it does not have enough it’s crazy that it doesn’t have it’s about an eight minute I think video that tells you exactly what to do and it only took you about 30 minutes to actually do all the steps yeah tells you exactly what to do to speed up your WordPress website to be in a probably about the top 20% of websites on the internet yes so yeah this it’s all free there’s nothing in it that’s easy anything just on YouTube type type in how to speed up a WordPress website and just look for the video from income school it’s definitely worth your time your guitar guide says can you talk about SSL Certificates is it a ranking factor there it is yes so Google has in the past said that this is a tie breaker like of all the 200 ranking factors if you’re still the same sure we’ll throw it in there today that’s different now that we get the chrome insecure warning on a browser and things like that it’s starting to impact user experience and so we consider this a pass/fail now every site needs to have SSL it’s easy to do and it’s free yeah it’s not necessarily that having it’s going to necessarily make you rank a lot higher but if people click on your on your website and then chrome tells them this is a non secure site do you want to proceed danger you know like do you need an SSL to get an SSL just contact your host there’s no reason you should really have to pay for one let’s encrypt does free SSL and pretty much all the reputable hosts out there are offering this as as a free thing yeah SSL for those who are asking SSL is a it’s a security certificate basically what it does is it encrypts your website so when somebody is viewing your website that their user data the what they’re doing on your website their traffic all that stuff is not visible to other people whereas before I mean before people could could access that information and it used to be super super important for for websites that do financial transactions nowadays everybody should happended yeah it’s the HTTPS versus the HTTP yeah absolutely this is another reason why we recommend Bluehost for starting any new website if you go to income school comm slash new we’ll walk you through how to get started there and you know there are tons of them we’ve been trying different hosts and their different hosts for different purposes but the thing that we love about it and why we always recommend it for beginners is they have the best cPanel in the industry like once you’re signed up to get on SSL to get WordPress installed that is crazy easy and so it just passes a lot of this pass/fail stuff automatically for you there are other great hosts I don’t really care who you choose that’s one that I’m just saying it will knock off a lot of things for you and you say WP engine is better that is true they’re also substantially more active and their cPanel is there’s also too expensive which is why we just dumped oh yeah we did next one lack of malware the way to avoid getting malware on your web if you malware on your website Google will see that and it’s bad yeah easy navigation on your site you are a length mobile-friendliness excessive broken links over monetization copyright issues and plagiarism if you’re writing about like recipes or news you need to use otherwise it’s not such a big deal these are all pass/fail we have a checklist for you of things you can go through to just knock them off and make sure you’ve done that go to income school calm slash 2019 notes and you’ll get the checklist just you just check your website make sure you’re doing okay here yep all right let’s move on this is cool this is this is really fun so this is a patent from Google this is a few years old but it did not get enough play time so what the patent does is it basically establishes different timings for how your page is ranked so when I write something within a few hours at least three hours we found out this week Google is gonna go through and it’s gonna look at it just with do its machine testing on this what key what words are you using what query does this belong and all that kind of stuff and it’s going to give you an initial ranking that may last for a little while and then you started to hit another step it’s I’m referring to this as stepped rankings you get your initial one then you know maybe fifteen I see a big one in thirteen weeks just kind of rule you gotta hit a new level after it’s done maybe some initial user testing to see if people like of this content etc and then it takes longer about thirty five weeks before you get to pretty close to where your final highest ranking is gonna be yeah it’s what’s cool though is that like while this was something that we thought was the case we there’s actually a patent for this like yeah Google is actually doing this and and they do this specifically so that it’s harder for people to game SEO it’s hard to tell exactly what is working and what is it because it doesn’t have immediate results so you are not the father says do you perform website audits yes and no if you go to income school comm and click on private coaching that’s where you would find this it’s very expensive though it kind of only works for some people because it’s our direct time if you want to do a website audit like we’re showing you how to do this I go get project 24 or do-it-yourself from this information and just learn how to do it yourself if you have an established website where it’s making some money like it really would be worth having our eyes on it then that’s there but if you don’t have it coaching you for most people it’s gonna be to expand something to keep in mind when it comes to a website audit you may say well it’s a it’s a ten or fifteen minute thing but it’s not for us no we have to sit down to have to look at your site we go through the analytics all those kinds of things and we spend a significant amount of time preparing for those kind of audits so a 15 minute audit wouldn’t make sense because we’d still have to charge you too much for that exactly and that’s why it’s important to learn the principles no matter what because there are a hundred and one ways to mess up a website and we’ve done some reviews on this YouTube channel where people did a lot of things right and then for their site title and description it was like whatever Divi this is the Divi theme yeah you know with their site title for the whole website and that’s gonna hammer em in the rankings because Google thinks their website is about the Divi theme not about whatever topic they’re writing about there are a hundred ways to mess it up that’s why we’re giving you this checklist and going through these things it’s because it’s just too easy to mess up if you aren’t careful and somebody asked they said that they’re hearing that Google’s killing SEO and 2019 that’s exactly what we’re actually kind of talking about here traditional SEO a little SEO the old tactics that people use to try to trick the system yes those are dying but it’s not that they’re dying in 2019 it’s that every algorithm is getting Google closer and closer and closer to their ideal and we’re teaching you how to be their ideal not how to game yeah look at our video from this week about how to beat Google algorithm updates and that will give you a really important history of what Google has been working on in the past and now it used to be about you know links and spam and all that stuff and now it’s a lot more about user experience so these are some action graphs from our Google Analytics on a variety of different websites showing what it’s like for a brand new page so I’ve just taken some fairly random brand new pages on our website and saw how long it takes them to to rank and you’ll kind of see those steps you’ll see where they kind of hit a one-one ledge and then another one and so it’s it will take time for your content to rank in fact it will take about 35 weeks for your article to get to the 90% of the level that it will ever get on so for example it takes on a brand new website 35 weeks if I write a new article it will take that article 35 weeks until it’s about to the top of its gonna top ranking that will hopefully last for a long time yeah now somebody asked about Yoast versus all-in-one SEO and I know this is kind of a really specific question but I do want to touch on one thing Yoast SEO and all in one SEO in general do the same thing they’re providing certain information automatically to Google to help you determine what you want to appear you know as your excerpt that will show up in the search results as the site title or show up in the search results that kind of stuff and that’s great and you we use them for that are they necessary actually no but the one thing about Yoast SEO that we’re not liking is that it confuses people big time they give you a readability score they give you an SEO score and both of those are complete garbage and completely ignoring I actually still kind of like to use the Yoast SEO on some of my sites but what I’m telling somebody else to set up SEO on theirs I usually tell them all in one because Yoast confuses the heck out of them they say this article is not going to perform well in SEO I’ll tell you what we got a lot of read SEO scores that ranked number one for the keyword that they supposedly have a read SEO score for I agree a thousand percent Yoast SEO is a plug-in there’s nothing wrong with it the problem is that they have this old-school view of how SEO works and so they they have this keyword density and stuff that’s like ah it’s it’s right there in the editor in you your your SEO plugin for wordpress is doing very very little little it really the valuable thing that it gives me is a way to change the Meta Description that’s probably how I use it yeah everything else stock WordPress is gonna rank great great Ecuador abroad says a thousand percent of his excessive probably a hundred would have done yeah or we want to take some of your questions that we’ve been getting throughout here so we have about a million that have come on here so Nile MacMurray says if after thirty five weeks your pay your article is on page two should you go make that page better or should you start fresh with something new great question and it’s at if it’s a difficult one what I usually say is take that page redirect it to a new page and then start fresh maybe you even copy and paste that old article into it but you do a significant rewrite because you know that didn’t work now I’ve heard tons of SEO people and on podcasts and stuff talking right now about just taking your content and re optimizing it and stuff going through your old stuff I did see a traffic hit on improved photography when I did this and I’ve heard from plenty of other people that are like whoa didn’t work for me and so unless you had a lot of like really bad stuff really poor quality content in the past I would default to making a new page redirect the old one that’s on the same topic to the new one and starting fresh yep I think that’s a great one hippy science garden says are these timelines per article well yes if you have an article a website that only had a one article though and you wait 35 weeks it may still not rank because you have just a very poor reputation because you only have one article in this little site so I mean there’s a little bit of the domain Authority going with that but pretty much yes we’re talking about per if somebody says I have an eight-month-old site with a hundred articles on it and it’s not getting any traffic I say how old are they are all those articles like have you been doing a ton of writing now but you started the site eight months ago no no that’s yeah that’s per article that’s exactly right and we’ve noticed that that time line it still persists in the future like we when we came up with that 35 week number we looked at articles that were on established websites as well however for really really low competition keywords we have seen well-established web sites ranked number one very quickly much like sometimes three hours but normally it’s still going to be that kind of it normally on an established site oh baby we’re talking about 13 18 weeks but on a brand-new website more like 35 no you know the question came in should I use paid advertising to get more visitors to a page will that help my SEO you know using paid advertising only makes sense if you can get an ROI on that and a return on that investment and you probably can you probably can’t especially if you’re just trying to get people to come to your website to build up its reputation that that doesn’t work as soon as you stop advertising it goes back down okay if you’re going to use paid advertisement it needs to it needs to send people into a like a funnel a sales funnel that’s going to lead them to eventually buy a product and then you need to know that the the value that you get out of selling that product ends up paying for all the hundreds of people who saw that ad before that before anybody actually bought the product yeah absolutely we got another question here from force Townsend says he has a 200 plus page views a day from Pinterest and now he’s kind of wondering where does it go from here focus on social or focus on more on Google you know I feel like a lot of most every website needs some balance to this Pinterest traffic goes like this it just does it you know it can get a spike from a lot of people happening to share it Pinterest is liking that pin for a little bit and then you some of the mount of it will stay because you know people are still on Pinterest but I feel like you to balance your traffic source as much as possible so I would start writing content for for SEO that’s not right writing content for people who are searching on Google and what we recommend for that well we teach in our project 24 course on income school comm is we teach write articles about tiny little topics little competition direct first then move on to bigger topics as your domain Authority increases as your reputation increases okay so just would you suggest for new sites to use Amazon affiliate for monetization yeah absolutely it’s still a great monetization method and then others are even asking about ads and stuff and different you know as far as ads let me just kind of give you my rundown on ads we know that it has a negative impact on user experience in general having ads but the value in ads can be substantial when you have a brand new website with very few visitors you’re gonna earn nothing you’re gonna earn like a few bucks a month maybe when you have almost no traffic it’s just not worth it to put google adsense on there or any other type of ad platform at the very beginning in my opinion I feel like until you actually start to earn something from it that makes it worth potentially losing a little bit of traffic now again when we put ads on our web sites we don’t tend to see a negative hit in traffic and the reason why is that we try to keep ads to a reasonable level no more than what people would expect to see in a normal blog but Coogler actually has standards on this yeah there’s a group that makes you know kind of the standards for good ads on the website on the web and just follow them and if you’re with a good ad network then they’re gonna help you do this all already your guitar guide it says what’s your take on a site map this is okay so if I were training you for the Olympics in hockey which I can’t do because I don’t really play hockey but if I were training you like at some point before you’re like a pro level player I would probably stop and say let’s talk about how tight you’re tightening your laces on your skates like it’s something like okay that could actually help you to prevent injury but if I were teaching your hockey not one of the things I would worry about and that’s really what a sitemap really is like it’s like if you add it will I suddenly make your site better an SEO know is it something you probably should do if you have an established site and you’ve done a whole lot of stuff before yeah sure but if you’re using a normal WordPress theme just one that isn’t messed up you don’t even need a sitemap Google is going to find your pages easily no problem if you have just normal a normal way of navigating the site it does not need a sitemap is it a best practice and something you should do eventually sure you know our entire Canadian audience just unsubscribe because you don’t yeah I don’t care about okay is SSL free and Bluehost yes it is somebody asked what do we think about media buying you know we started using media mind a few months ago we’re testing it out overall I’m pretty happy with just my experience with them in general it did take a while to get through the approval process and get and get started but I’ve been pretty happy with them what we want to test now is how they compare to other ad networks and so we’ll do some testing and let you guys know probably yes there are a lot of ad networks out there and and a lot of them do some good things do we recommend a CDN for site speed it really depends on your server setup so I I tested it at one point unimproved photography and I actually saw some worse scores after the CDN that what my host was doing just coming from there was actually just a little bit better the idea of a CDN is great it certainly can make sense in some places but I would ask this question to your host go to your host and say what do you guys recommend because it really does make a difference how they’re set up yeah let’s see a lot of questions coming in and I know you guys have a lot of questions for us we’re mostly going to focus on SEO here today but let’s see a couple questions about project 24 sure um one you know I set up my niche sites using free themes do I have to buy something premium no absolutely not and we have a free theme we recommend in project 24 another set if I sign up for project 24 you’re gonna force me to do video content we’ve said it a lot of times video is one of the best opportunities in all of internet marketing right now it is something that we include in the 60 steps but it’s a very small portion and we have plenty of project 24 members who feel like you and they’re like I don’t want to do YouTube and their web sites are still being sick that’s just that’s right exactly video is a huge opportunity but if it’s not something you want to do whatever that’s fine whatever skin fine as do we use amp as of now we don’t it part of that it’s just because it hurts a little ad revenue on that victim and and for now it’s not really that important I mean our our sites on mobile are plenty fast they they work well just doing the things that we talk about in our site speed video so no we don’t use amp Michelle um Oh II I hope I say that ready is a project 24 member and she’s celebrating and her pizza day well congratulations well done that means she’s earned her first five dollars from the website and oh we won’t delete this video [Laughter] awesome all right there’s so much we can go into I want to answer this one thoughts on PB ends don’t do it yeah every time if I’m ever looking to buy a website which I’m not right now but if I ever was and I see pbn I immediately I’m out don’t look at that one yeah thank you guys for being here we really appreciate the support our YouTube channel is blowing up right now which we’re really excited to see we’re putting everything into it we can if you care about passive income websites and SEO and all that stuff that’s what this whole channel is about so be sure to give us a subscribe and thank you all for being here

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