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hey miles Becker here miles Becker calm and I have my beautiful wife Melanie with me again and in this video we are going to look at YouTube marketing through the lens of Melanie's platform Melanie has just completed a 30 day challenge and she already had a YouTube channel and a platform going so we're going to look at is we're gonna look at some statistics we're going to look at how this works when someone already has a YouTube channel going and we're going to learn from Melanie about what she's learned from doing a 30 day challenge so welcome back Nani thank you excited to have you here so first thing let's go through the statistics on what she's seen in 30 days so in 3 days her watch time on YouTube is up by 66 percent the number of views is up by 75% the number of subscribers is up three hundred percent month-over-month comments of the seven hundred and fifty percent lights are up 450 percent shares are up 100% so literally twice as many people sharing her videos this month as the month before and really cool we're going to get into how this works with hers is the web traffic her website traffic is up over 21% and she has 19 percent more visitors to her website alright so the one thing you didn't mention that didn't make the list and this is awesome to see because I hadn't really broken it down like that but unlike are also up and I just want to mention that because um you are the one who told me in Grant Cardone house is like saying if you've got five meters and go get yourself five more and so like people unliking my videos is such a positive sign that I'm reaching more people so I'm not like taking that as a bad thing and unlike so I don't know the exact number but unlike are they are yeah I think it actually doubled I noticed that myself and if you're not moving people it's a great point and if you're not moving people with your content if you're not polarizing you're not building a motion in any one and she gets people who love her content emotionally charged for her content and people her content is not for oh I was the wrong place just like unthreat I'm out and that's that's what we want to see that's a great time so thank you very much again I appreciate that now talking about your 30-day challenge let's actually go before you started what was your channel like before you started how have you been building your channel up until recently so I started my channel quite a while ago probably about five years ago and my initial YouTube strategy was literally take free audio channels angel messages turns them into a video slideshow and publish them to YouTube so that was all I did for years and it sort of works my channel is growing along very slowly but it but I had a little base when I decided to start doing more teaching based videos actually putting myself right so two things there real quick is number one she was just kind of syndicating content to YouTube it wasn't like content created specifically for YouTube it also wasn't her it was for audio but it wasn't her talking head it wasn't like this where were framed you're seeing us talk it was pictures layered over something and it was an afterthought right it was an astronaut and they're not very high quality the audio is very high quality the audio is incredible and those videos still get viewed and loved and liked and shared by so many people because the audio is immensely call it's immensely high quality but the actually live show is not that right now next question have you ever done any sort of 30-day challenge or longer in the path of your kind of internet marketing career so this is my first a 30 day challenge on YouTube however I did do a 30 day challenge on my blog when I bid a new blog post every day for 30 days and that grew my blog traffic immensely creating that consistent heartbeat of new content and so when I saw miles results from his YouTube challenge I was like okay I want to do more video okay so I mentioned how my channel started up doing these audio meditation slideshows I did then add on spiritual teaching videos free angel card readings but it was really inconsistent I would go through first where I would do four videos a week and then I would drop down to doing like one video a month I was like very sporadic I had no schedule I just kind of like if I was inspired I did it if I was not inspired I students to it and so it was like very sporadic was my YouTube publishing schedule so miles had huge results with his 120 day 120 day Talent so I was like okay I'm going to do a 30 day challenge I have now done a 30 day challenge and now I'm going to throw my hat over the fence here and say that I think it would be really interesting to keep this going and I'm going to do 120 day challenge too so awesome let's do that nice she's competitive in nature so it's good to kind of like set the bar and interestingly you notice how many videos did you make when I was doing 120 day challenge in those four months not very money at all right I don't know did you look at no I think I learned I think a handful not very many but the other day we were comparing how many videos each of us had on our channels and miles was like I'm going to catch you soon and it was like oh I've got about 130 637 ad 160 something yeah and her channel something like 6 or 7 years old and my channel 6 months old so we're both experienced really good growth so you you're experiencing growth on YouTube in view subscribers numbers and then I mentioned some of those engagement numbers and those engagement numbers are a big indicator to YouTube that you're worthy of more traffic when you get to like the comments and the shares YouTube says oh the content this users putting out is is actually getting a lot of reach in our users get let's show her videos to more people but let's dig in a little bit deeper to the tactics in the video creation process like how are you making these videos what kinds of videos you're making what's your approach to the actual content creation yeah so there's actually a few different types of videos I'm making so a friend of ours explained this to me really clearly and I think it's really powerful your YouTube channel is like a channel so you're like HBO or you're like CNBC or whatever your channel and like a network channel your channel can also have a number of shows and so I've really taken this on and been implementing it and really liked it and find it to be helpful so my channel has those original channel meditation that's one of the shows I've added on Angel card reading because in this 30-day challenge and prior I realized that my audience really loves the angel card ratings I've committed to doing a weekly Angel card rating so as a weekly angel' card reading show I then also have topical based videos what I'm doing with the topical based videos I think is kind of interesting because and I don't know how deep you want to go into this please because one of them is an SEO strategy so my site asks – angel comm ranks very well on Google organic for a lot of keywords but I have realized that if there is a keyword that I'm not quite ranking as high as I would link to making a YouTube video on that topic publishing that on YouTube linking it back to my original blog post and I also embed the video in my blog post is that a nice SEO booth I'm also been slowing traffic towards it doing a little read damp of it making it even better refreshing it and so that is one of my main YouTube strategies is how can I make a video to correspond with a blog post I've already written so going back through her past content because you got hundreds and hundreds maybe six hundred eight hundred posts going back to the content looking for ones that are in the number six number eight number eleven spot on Google for their target keyword which means they're just out of traffic range and then adding a video and adding the transcription sometimes to it and watching it climb up in the rankings and then the blog post gets more traffic the video gets traffic and the whole platform gets more reach from kind of one discussed neighbor approach creating powerful SEO strategy you go back into your older posts and grow them Google is dealing with the aging web so there's a lot of older outdated content floating around out there on the internet and so if you already have an established vlog and present it's going to benefit you and immensely in implementing the strategy of going back into your older content and freshening it up and adding content who have making more about you on camera that makes a huge difference not everyone's willing to be on camera and so I think that this is a secret weapon if you are to be on camera and have that video pointing towards your blog right it's relatively easy to write something is relatively easy to hire a writer to write something into publish text but to do videos like this kind of takes a little bit of guts and courage and overcoming some kind of mental barriers so you're able to to leapfrog some of your competitors with that sort of approach so that's one of the main ways that I am creating these topical based videos is going back to older con and in addition I'm also identifying new topics that I would like to put information out about and this has actually become my new strategy process for writing blog post so whereas before I would just write a blog post and then now go back in and add a video now I'm actually creating the video first I then have the video transcribed and edited and then I get that edited transcription I'll add to it a little bit and turn it into a blog post so the YouTube challenge is hugely beneficial for me because it's not only growing my YouTube presence but my vlog is growing immensely as well so I've sort of turned this YouTube challenge into a blog challenge as well into a multimedia blog challenge where video and article are getting published together when then you're also syndicating the video onto Facebook and then the blog post gets pinterest images to the blog posts get three types of pins and so it starts with a video it's kind of like a row of dominoes she's now hitting the the first domino which is record the video she puts that up into the cloud to our transcriptionist and then boom boom boom boom boom boom boom all these other items happen it go back in her hands a little bit but most of the effort is done by other people giving her these edited business content that she then publishes to her blog to Facebook she emails her list about it it goes out to Pinterest and Instagram and all of the other social media the way that I can put out quite a bit of content I mean a blog a day every day like that is a lot of content that is a lot of experts and I'm able to do that being totally authentic meaning it's my voice it's my ideas because they're initiated from the videos compared to like hiring ghost writers or article writers that are things that I know a lot of other people in the industry do but that I've never been totally comfortable with because my platform is about I feel sharing my message and light and the teachings I receive and body and live with the world so this is an alignment with that and I really love it and it's going really well so gonna keep it going and the goal is 120 you heard it here so oh yeah so one other thing you know I think a lot of people sometimes get started and they get a little bit of momentum going or they don't get momentum going there 30 days in there 60 days in and they're not seeing any momentum they didn't have the blog back-end they didn't have anything going kind of where I was right and you've noticed in my data that the numbers were really low for a while and then it kind of hit how what would you have to say to these people who or maybe 15 days in they're just starting their platform and they're just starting to wonder like oh man like is this really going to work or like wow there's a lot of work what oh yeah well well hey I think miles will put a card up on this video to his 30-day challenge result okay maybe I'll what I'm getting at is if you look at his challenge his results really didn't start picking up 12 day 120 so like this really is about consistent effort over time you're probably not going to be huge results after 15 videos or 30 videos honestly like even after 30 days I'm like okay my YouTube growth like it's not it's not huge I'm excited about it because it's the strategy of growing my vlog it's getting my message out and it's providing an outlet for me to be of service which I really appreciate and cherish that opportunity to be able to just give and share and teach and make a difference in the world so if you're only 15 days then keep going I think it's important to find a rhythm and balance that works for you but along those lines finding a rhythm is also something that you develop over time I think that miles will attest to the fact that the more videos you do but easier it gets the more you talk about your topic the more competent you become in talking about it the more you're on camera the more culture maybe come on camera and the more you start to actually enjoy the process of making videos so for me at first making videos was super challenging I had there was a huge build-up around it it like took me a long time to think about the ideas and turn and get it together and then like for this video did we do any preparation oh you didn't do preparation I wrote it down press it on my analytics but it was like okay let's let's hop on camera and talk about this okay great so it does get easier keep going keep being a service keep giving value I think this is really wise key to be in a niche that you care about that is authentic for you that's in alignment with what you really love and enjoy and do with the message that you want to spread in the world because if you don't really not like your niche it's going to be a lot harder for you to keep going over time what are you willing to talk about for the next seven years right right I mean at minimum it's a hundred and twenty days right like that's even that's that's still not even moving the needle it's literally years I mean it's not 120 days and stop well you made it go lay on the beach all day every day like it's 120 days been okay well I mean your real work gets to begin you have made it through that phase of an author comes comedian Kyle sees talks about the hose analogy that when you first turn on a hose and have to get out that dirty groundwater in order for the clean clear water to start flowing so in that one turd day period you're flushing out kind of some of your lower value content to really get to that core of your message and how you really can share and make a difference in the world in other people's lives so if I think it's a good question to ask like are you willing to talk about your niche your concept for the next seven to ten years like get real with yourself and if the No you might want to reconsider because I think one of the biggest detriment to people in the internet marketing realm and path is jumping around from idea to idea because you just kind of hop on board a new idea or new opportunity and abandon the old one zero back to zero yep sorry you might have learned from your previous and others and if you are going to be abandoning something something all is not lost like you've learned and grown to this point but that's why it's so key to connect with something you really love are passionate about or that you know is creating good and positive in the world because then you're going to be willing to stick with it right and I really love the idea thanks for sharing that about your YouTube channel is just that it's a channel and on your channel you can have show so feel free to test different things and if you've been watching my videos we've got these talking head style ones where it's just me that show number one me and a guest that show number two we've got the over my shoulder kind of screen share recording stuff that's show number three we've got the mild kind of walking having a heart-to-heart moment what that show number four I didn't know what those were when I started I just kind of experimenting with different things and as you said which was brilliant look at the feedback you're getting from your audience you know the angel card reading videos are crushing it for for you right now they're they're by far her they get the most response to get the most views in the shortest period of time by far and it's something that you didn't necessarily at first want to do a lot of per se you were kind of like I don't really know if that's what I really want to do you're doing one of Mines you were kind of in and out of it but when the audience in the market show you through data of views and likes and shares and all that subscribes and all that stuff do more of it because it's working and we've done that a few times in your business yeah a number that was the angel card reading things specifically I think I started to fall into something mild talks about of the market saturation myth and that there are a lot of people in my space doing weekly angel card readings so I was like I don't want to just on the bandwagon and do what everyone else is doing but then when I realized how much my audience loved those I was like oh can man and do them and now that I've been doing a few of them in this challenge I realized that I do them in a way that's different than anyone else I do angel card readings in my own unique way that my audience loved so great there's there's totally room it's giving value and it works so you're more about work and yeah do it mentally yeah pay attention track but also be willing to test and try new things just most will keep going I really like your idea of you know are you thinking five seven ten years down the line with your niche because if you're not like it could get tough at some point because literally we're still doing the same thing that we started eight plus years ago we're still hungry we still feel like we're barely scratching the surface in our niche we really feel like we're just now approaching kind of a new starting line or like a midway point I don't even know how to explain it but we're hungry and we're still fired up but what's really cool is the effort we're putting in now is compounding with all the effort we put in for the last seven or eight years so it's kind of almost a similar amount of effort we're getting magnified results which is really inspiring but it takes a lot of work to get there so you're not on the right niche you need to kind of dig deep and have a moment with yourself and figure out if that really is if you're in it for the long haul because it's a long-term game yeah and as you keeps going you start to reach more people but don't let that make you think that what you're doing now doesn't matter because when you do get to that point of an expanded audience they're going to find your older stuff as well now some of that freaks you out because it's okay if you're not amazing on camera yet people aren't watching YouTube to be perfectly polished and edited video sure there's some of those out there but I think the real power of YouTube is connecting with real people so be real be authentic share your message and YouTube is awesome I'm really enjoying it I think that's something I've learned in the 30-day challenge is that I do like making videos my audience likes the videos it's beneficial for my blog my channel is curly Dona system around the system around it like it's fun it's positive I feel like I'm getting better on camera oh yeah a positive thing so it'll be fun to keep the challenge going and hopefully have some even more awesome exciting results to share awesome any last comments or about it I think that's about it go forth and create claim create create make a positive difference in the world because our world could use some positivity now our world could use an inspiring message oh I think one maybe final thing to add is I do love Gary B's concepts of documenting you don't have to be sitting on camera teaching about specific topics you can literally document what you're doing any vlogging is huge neither of us have added on the vlog but that could potentially be a new show that that we could add on so documents teach create share there's no rule right just put it out there and your audience will let you know if they like it or not and if they don't don't beat yourself up over that keep it up in a mess today whatever all those all those buzz words from from Silicon Valley do all that stuff but for momentum adapt for momentum adapt for momentum adapt and all sudden you might be in a totally new place our business is very different than the business we started together but we for momentum adapt pivot adapt and just keep going and the path on full thank you very much Melanie for coming on again I appreciate it we're going to track your progress in this because you're doing wonderful things really exciting to see if you are a Miss a challenge right now if you're doing a 30-day 60-day 120 day challenge leave us a comment let us know let us know how far in you are and fire us up if you want to plug your channel or whatnot do so in the comments I want to check out what you're doing I really like seeing you in action as well it helps me kind of come up with these ideas for the newest thing do you like the video give us a thumbs up here in YouTube it does help get the reach out and we do appreciate that and if you have not subscribed yet please do because I got some more cool videos coming for you soon and you have subscribed thank you very much we or I will see you on the next video

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