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Increase Your Engagement With Videos – These Tools Will Help You

These Tools Not Only Build More Trust And Strong Relationships But it Leads to MORE SALES!

Don’t get left behind in your marketing efforts…

Many marketers are going LIVE!

This has quickly become an important part of businesses as consumers want to see what you are doing and relate to you.

Checkout the video…



Video Transcript

Have you been delaying the decision to invest in video for your business allowing the learning curve or cost to hold you back even though you know that video is where digital marketing is heading if so I have good news there are several free online tools that basically take all of the hard work out of video production and in this video I’m going to tell you about ten of them with these tools making a high-quality professional video is easy even for total beginners in fact you don’t even need a camera for many of them because they provide stock footage and pre-made animations and the best part is since these are all browser-based programs or they run in the cloud that means you don’t have to install or download anything beyond a web browser links to the websites I’m about to share are in the description of this video and for additional commentary on each of these tools be sure to check out the blog post I wrote ok you’re ready to make some awesome videos the first tool you should check out is animaker animaker takes all the heavy lifting out of motion design allowing you to customize characters and animations to create your own unique video number two is biteable a handy little tool that allows you to tweak templates with stock footage and effects loop stir the third tool is a scaled-down editor so if you’ve ever used iMovie or Windows Movie Maker mooster is essentially the same thing only it runs in the browser the fourth tool is moogly which allows you to use its simplest animations graphics and more to create custom video presentations if you want to recreate the popular doodle marker effect that you see in a lot of whiteboard videos and explainers you can do that with move Lee render Forest the fifth tool is pretty versatile helping you create everything from a short animated logo intro all the way to a full-fledged business video the sixth tool is one I just found out about recently called rocket iam there are a lot of great things about this tool but I think my favorite feature is the pixabay integration if you don’t know pixabay is a source for a book domain footage so basically video that you can use however you want next is show box a unique powerful tool that allows you to create videos with a very produced look if you want to remove your videos background and replace it with something else you can do that with show box if all you’re looking to do is create a video slideshow then stupid flicks is the tool for you it’s also great if you want literally nothing to do with the editing process because all you do is upload your photos and footage and Superflex automatically creates your video for you in seconds the ninth tool on this list is we video we video is like loop sir and then it’s basically a traditional editing workspace in the browser it’s drag-and-drop interface makes things pretty simple last but not least you can create videos using the biggest video sharing platform on the web YouTube the YouTube editor allows you to combine multiple clips to create a cohesive video complete with music and special effects so those are the 10 video editors and animation tools that I wanted to share with you I hope they make an easier for you to take the leap into video production if you enjoyed this video please give me a thumbs up and subscribe and if you’ve tried any of these services or if you tried any others that you think should be on this list please drop me a comment below otherwise I’ll see you next time

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