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Video Marketing

Want to Get More Productive With Videos?

Video is quickly coming to dominate all things marketing. It has changed our habits and our lives online.

… But there are only so many hours in the day!

The more videos you have the more views you get PLUS you increase the ‘strength’ of your channel every time you upload new videos.

But how do you do that and produce a ton of content when it seems to take forever to create just one video?




Video Transcript

– Hey, today, the table is flipped. I got interviewed by a former sales associate of mine on the power of video marketing.  As you all know, online video marketing is a super powerful tool. Today I have the pleasure of being with an innovative and very dynamic coach who happens to be a master in this department, Tom Ferry. – I was like, I’m so happy it was me. I wasn’t sure who you were talking about for a second there. – Thanks so much for having me– – Yeah, thank you, appreciate it. – Today, what I’d like to touch upon is the dos and donts of video marketing. And also I want for you to share some ideas of how to captivate the client, not interest or engaging the client, but actually captivate them and bring them in. – Sure. – So can you share with me a few ideas of what we must do to stand out in video marketing? – So, let me give you a little back story first. In 2007, I was on the golf course with a buddy of mine and a guy who has absolutely no personality gets introduced to me and I’m like, hey, who are you? He’s like, my name is David. And I’m like, where are you from? He’s like, I’m from New York. I’m like, what do you do? He’s like, I work for this little company called Google. And I was like, Google, let me carry your golf bag. I wanna talk to you. I’m like, what do you do? And he’s like, basically I’m in charge of media and content. Think about that title. He’s in charge of media and content for Google in New York City. So we’re talking, we’re hanging out and I’m like, I just finished 30 days of my new podcast Everyday Audio and the guy looks at me and he says, “Podcasts suck.” Podcasts suck, I had spent 30 days of my life creating this content, super fired up, was actually talking to Blackberry about having an exclusive real estate contract. Remember the Blackberry? – Yes. Thank God I said no to that one. But here was the deal. He said to me, if you’re not on YouTube today and in the future, you will be out of the game. The stats now show that more than 80% of consumer behavior, the way that we’re consuming content is all on video. So the first thing I would say to an agent is rather than looking for the crazy innovative stuff, it’s just be there. Be there, the most important thing we talk about is be consistent. By creating consistent content, you’re going to win over an audience. You’re gonna bring value, you’re gonna deliver fresh ideas, new ideas or maybe just what’s going on inside the market in houses and by doing that, you’re gonna win. – Wonderful, one thing that we were talking about previously was three Es that I see in you. You engage, you entertain and you educate. So talk to me a little bit about that. If you were to put those in a particular order, would you say that all three are essential? – You know, here’s the thing. We were also talking about people that don’t have a… Do you know someone that doesn’t have a personality? If they try and fake energy because they don’t have energy, then when the client meets them, they’re like what happened to the gal that was all fired up and bubbly? So, I think you need to be who you are, first and foremost and recognize that you’re not here to convince people that they should work with you. They either like you or they don’t. They either feel that sense of trust with you or they don’t. So I’ve got clients that are super entertaining and I’ve got clients that just sell a lot of houses. And you know what, they’re a little more analytical, little more quiet, little more reserved, but you know what happens is? People get to know their style, get to know their personality and you know what? They fall in love with them and it’s okay that they’re not the razzmatazz Frederick (bird calling), all that kind of stuff. So, energy’s important if you have it. You with me? Now, education, that is the game changer. If you look at the last couple of years, what’s happening is it’s now the haves and the have-nots, whether we’re talking about YouTube or Facebook or Instagram, via video, the agents that are consistently doing video stand out in the marketplace. They are the ones that have a weekly show where they’re saying, hey, it’s Tom and I’m with Banana Real Estate and we’re talking about what’s going on here in Bixby Knolls in Long Beach, California and by consistently creating that content and educating the buyers and sellers on what’s happening in the marketplace, you stand out, you become the trusted voice, you become the trusted advisor. So that education part is critical. Entertainment, it’s speculative, right, it’s like what is art? Some people are entertained by people punching each other in the face and other people wanna watch a ballet. So I think the most important thing is to stay in your lane, to know who you are. Don’t try and fake it with clients and have them then meet you and go, what happened? Does that make sense? – It does. So let’s talk about the donts. Do not do these three items, for instance. – There’s probably 100. – Before we jump in, don’t brag. I mean, there are some brag videos out there and it’s for the love of God. So what are the three donts, do not do? – Well, I certainly like that one. But at the same time, there is some shameless self promotion that could be done in a more elegant way. I think one of the hotter videos right now to pay attention to is taking an old method that always got the phone to ring, AKA a just sold card and turn that into a just sold video where you could literally say, hey, I recently sold this property at one, two, three, four Banana Street and I wanna tell you about it. This was a complex transaction. The sellers, they really wanted to move, but they had to get a certain price point or it wasn’t going to work. So they relied on our services to really market and expose their property in a different way. So rather than just putting the home on the market, we actually spent 47 days. So you describe almost in a case study how you were able to drive X number of traffic to YouTube, X number of traffic to Zillow, how many properties were saved. So you’re sharing that success, if you will, versus like, hey, I’m just number one. And it was only about the client, it was about the strategy that you chose. So I like that way versus just the straight up look at me. So, I would say donts, in today’s day and age, don’t have bad lighting, don’t have bad sound quality and probably the most important thing that most of you maybe will pay attention to especially if you’re doing stuff on YouTube is you can’t have a bad thumbnail. You know when you look at YouTube and you’re scrolling down and you’re seeing all these videos that are available or even now in an email if I’m sending out a video to someone inside of an email, that thumbnail photo is super important. If it doesn’t captivate them, engage them, make them curious, think about it, you’re walking through the grocery store and you’re like thin thighs in 30 days or less without diet and exercise. Michael Jackson’s alien baby! It shocks you into saying what is that, I wanna find out more. That thumbnail photo, our numbers show if the thumbnail photo isn’t right, it’s not even gonna get opened. So that would be another thing. If you’re not testing these things, you’re gonna lose. – Okay, wonderful, thanks for that feedback. What about the dos, what must you do in a video in order to captivate the audience and keep them engaged because you know with the Millennials, they get disengaged right away? – Are we talking about a quality video where I’m producing something like doing this or are we talking about live? – Either, or. Let’s talk about live. – Live, it’s all about the headline, what are you gonna talk about because remember everyone’s sitting here on their newsfeed, I don’t know if we’re engaging you right now. Are you watching this, are you gonna make a comment on YouTube? You’re looking down your newsfeed, you got 15 seconds, you’re in your car and you’re driving, you know you do it. You know you do it and you’re like, oh, I can see… Oh, what’s that? If that headline doesn’t pop, if it isn’t something that’s interesting to me, I’m probably not gonna click on it. So, some people would say you’re always testing around that headline. I agree with that theory. The second thing is once you go live, if you don’t recognize people, if you don’t go, oh my God, hey Mark, what’s going on? Patrick in the house from Germany. If you’re not giving people shout outs live, you’re gonna miss them. If you’re not saying things like, hey do me a favor, could you give me some thumbs, could you give me some hearts if you like what I’m saying? Does this make sense for you? What happens is they start to hit likes and they start to hit hearts and Facebook and Instagram pick up on that algorithm, which actually gets you out in front of more people. So there’s ways that you can actually hack getting more viewers, if you will, by doing just some of these simple things. Remember at the end of the day, people like to be recognized. Even if there’s four people on there and you’re like, Mom, I just wanna say thanks so much for watching. And oh look, my aunt’s on there, too. You’re better off doing that than not recognizing anybody. Does that make sense? – Yeah. So this would be just a couple things. You can test certainly length of show. So if you’re live, sometimes it takes a couple minutes before people even engage and get connected. I got Facebook mentions a million years ago. I was one of the early innovators where we could check out this live opportunity and I remember thinking to myself, oh my God, I’m gonna totally interrupt their day. I was actually thinking that and then I reached out to a guy named Gary Vaynerchuk and he’s like, congratulations, you got that. Hit live, go now. The first live show we did was a one hour live show. We had over 500,000 views in the first 24 hours because it was new and innovative. It was different. Today, you have to do stuff to stand out. So headline, first and foremost, what you’re gonna cover content-wise, super important, and then engage. Engage, ask for thumbs, ask for hearts, say people’s names. It just makes them feel good and keeps them activated. – Right, one thing that we’re seeing that is standing out a lot is that the videos are very common. They’re very cookie cutter. It’s boring, everyone’s scrolling through it avoiding watching the video– – The same, the same, the same. Here’s another listing and here’s another good looking guy. – Right, so I was sharing with you something totally cool that I saw yesterday on YouTube where there was this guy, he’s showcasing his home, it’s a beautiful luxury home and all of the sudden he walks in the bathroom, walks out with his swim trunks. – Love it. Yeah, dives in the pool– – I hope he’s a super fit guy. – He wasn’t, it was hilarious, he wasn’t. So, he dives in the pool and he’s talking about how would you like to come home and unwind to this? He’s in the pool, jacuzzi, ends up in the sauna with a nice old-fashioned. – Yeah, creating an experience. – Exactly, creating an experience. – He should’ve laid down by the fireplace. Could you imagine living here with me? – Exactly, so what advice could you give to us for those that don’t that huge marketing budget? For instance, another agent that I met with was endorsed by a Shark Tanker. His business flew outta the place. – Was it Corcoran? – Yes. – Yep, Barbara, she was doing that. – For those people that can’t afford a camera guy or they can’t afford to get endorsed by a Shark Tanker, what’s a good starting point? – Look, I think at the end of the day it’s very simple. Today, you need to decide are you gonna be in the game or not? When all the major players, Facebook is saying 100% of our content is gonna be video by 2019. Tick-tock, tick-tock, that’s tomorrow. So if you’re sitting on the sidelines and you haven’t engaged yet, I would just have you recognize that you better get really good at writing and blogging because it’s gonna be really hard for you to get noticed unless you’re playing in this new world which is video first. From there, assuming you’re in, I would say create a weekly show. That would be my most important piece of advice. Is it Real Estate at Five, is it What’s Happening in Huntington Beach, is it Huntington Beach Homes For Sale? Whatever it is you decide to do, create an anchor show and then make the disk of them whether it’s from an iPhone on a tripod, you with me, where you bam and you just do your thing or getting a buddy to hold your phone or like we’ve got, a couple guys with cameras. You gotta do whatever you gotta do to be in the game. Once you create the anchor show, then it’s about taking that one piece of content and repurposing it multiple times. So you can take one three to five minute show saying, hey, we’re driving through this beautiful community and I wanna educate you on what’s going on and the builders and how long it’s been here and what are home prices and who’s building and who’s not building, all that kind of stuff and then take that same piece and take some snapshot photos that end up on your Instagram page, your Facebook page, your Twitter feed, you with me, like repurposing and then taking that three or four minute show and carving out 30 to 45 second snippets or clips they refer to them as. And by the way, those clips and snippets get more views because they’re 30 seconds, 45 seconds, an interesting little piece. You do that from one piece of content, you end up with seven, eight, nine, 10 additional pieces of content to promote throughout the week and stay top of mind with your clients. Do that 52 times in a year and guess what? You’re gonna walk through grocery stores and people are gonna be like… They’re gonna wanna get selfies with you because you’re gonna become a celebrity in your town. Does that make sense? – I love it. – That’s my advice. – One thing that I think that really attracts me and has always been one of your highlights, one of your personal traits is your passion and humor I think also engages people, prompts, like can you please, kindly? – Oh, yeah. – Prompts, so these guys help– – I could really screw with people and shoot some air detox in the middle of your show. (laughing) – Do you feel that these are attention capturers or distractors? How can we utilize this to engage? – Yeah, I mean, at the end of the day, you do wanna have some level of entertainment, something visual, something stimulating. For me, this was a gift and this was a gift and they just mean something to me, so they’re just sometimes inside my show and sometimes they’re not. Be mindful you don’t wanna have distractions. I did shows in downtown Chicago on a flip video camera. Do you remember flip video cameras, full ghetto style, me holding it like this with wind blowing and trees blowing in the background. It was too distracting. A few little props like this, no big deal, but be mindful of your setting. – Okay, be mindful of your setting, wonderful. What are the essential platforms? Where should we go? We were talking about earlier, some people are confused or they’re more inclined to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. What would you recommend if you’re getting started? – I think a huge mistake for people is getting myopic and saying I only like or my friends are only on or my clients are on. There’s too many things happening. Instagram, if you talk to people at Facebook and we’re pals with the people at Facebook, Facebook obviously has two billion people on it. Instagram, smaller number, 700 million people, but all the eyeballs are on Instagram, you with me, everybody’s there. So does that mean I’m not posting things on Twitter? Does that mean I’m not paying attention to LinkedIn? No, you gotta spread those Easter eggs everywhere. So if somebody’s gonna find you someplace and go, oh, I like LinkedIn, that’s my platform or I love Twitter, I’m still there every day. So I’m not attached to any one of them. They’re all like pieces of paper and a pen. They are tools and you have to use every single one of them. – Interesting, great, in regards to people that just don’t wanna step into this game, they’re reluctant to, they’re scared, what do you recommend? What do you recommend whether it be a coach, someone that could guide you through the process? – Sure, sure. – Is that possible for you guys to tailor to the necessities of okay, we’re gonna focus on this because if you don’t, you’re losing out? – So heres the thing, you ready? So it’s all about fear, right, fear of the unknown, fear of not looking good. I’ve had people say to me, I don’t wanna do video because my hair’s always wrong. And I just remind people your past clients know what you look like. So if you got bad hair, they already know that. If you got bad teeth, they already know that. If you don’t dress well, they already know that. They don’t care. Be authentic, be yourself. You gotta get over your story because what you’re basically saying is look I got a chance right now to buy a whole bunch of Blockbuster stock and I know this little Netflix thing, this upstart’s coming up here, but I’m going all in and you took your entire nest egg and put it in Blockbuster. What happened to you if you made that decision? You’re out of business. You’re gone, you’ve lost everything. I’m telling you that in today’s modern world, if you’re not paying attention to the most important social phenomenon of our time, video, social media, maybe you just picked the wrong profession. I don’t know, the DMV’s probably hiring. – And here’s the thing, it’s not just the video marketing. We could incorporate the old ways, the old right– – 100%, we still do direct mail, we still knock on doors, you still go to open houses. – Because the other day someone said, TOm’s really huge on video, what about the old roll up your sleeves type of hustle? No, we incorporate both, right, the best of both worlds? – We have historically been two-thirds tried and true, one-third push the envelope. And today, my clients will say no, it’s 50-50. We call it the core four. I’m working my past clients in Sphere, but where are they today? I’m texting them, I’m doing BombBomb videos, they’re seeing me in social, I’m staying top of mind, plus I’m making phone calls, maybe I’m doing drop-bys, I’m inviting them to open houses. Secondly, you’re working your geographic farm because you look at all the studies, everybody wants to work with a hyper local agent. They wanna work with that community expert, so geographic farming. Open houses, open houses done the right way can be listing attraction. But see, all these things supplement, add to, and extend your reach for all the things that we all know we have to do, knocking on doors, etc. – Let’s talk about that real quick. Open houses, that’s huge, right? But preparation is huge as well and I’m noticing that if we don’t prepare, we have to repair. The other day I watched a video. This guy’s like, okay, coming in with his assistant. They’re walking through the property. He hadn’t done his preparation or his homework and all of the sudden the lady, the wife is like, oh, I’d like to take a look at the backyard. So they opened the sliding door and he’s like, here is the tranquil backyard and all of the sudden the train passes by. Oh my God, it was horrible. And he actually posted it live. So what a bridge burner. For the love of God, prepare. So how much preparation do you do? Because I know that you do this every single day and that people would ask me when I was working here is he really like that? Is he like that? I’m like, he is like that, I swear to God. I don’t know whatever he drinks or I’ll have some of whatever you’re having later. – Bourbon. – He prepares and now he’s the expert, but you have to get started, so my mantra is just do it. Seriously, just do it. Get started and with time, you’re gonna get as comfortable and become as a pro as you are. Is that correct or not? Just get started somewhere, but do your homework. So talk to us about that, when you started and when I started, too, and as a matter of fact, every single time I’m on the camera, I’d get jittery. In the beginning, I was like (spazzing). I know that didn’t happen to you, but it did happen to me. For one of my first interviews with Jack Canfield, I think I sweated, I don’t know, a couple of buckets and he was like, you know, it’s okay. I’m proud of you, I’m glad you’re doing this. – Jack’s a good guy. – So it was interesting and then that opened a lot of doors, but if I wouldn’t overcome my fear, if I wouldn’t have stepped outside of my comfort zone, that’s something that I learned with you, then it wouldn’t have happened. This wouldn’t be happening right now because right now, I’m like, yes, yes, yes! I swear, very diplomatic, but anyways. So tell me about you. I mean, when you got started with this. Now, you could do it in your sleep, but who taught you? – Well see, nobody really taught me video. Video was just a natural extension of doing a live event or in the early days of my career making a phone call. I used to envision with a headset on talking to 1,000 people while I was engaging with one and anyone that’s seen me speak before, sees me do that today. I have this audience of people, 10 or 10 million, and I’m just focusing on the individual, calling people out, having those engaging conversations. So it was a natural extension, but in the very beginning video was awkward. Oh my God, did I say that the right way? Could I have done that better? Am I blotchy? Are my glasses on? And then I just finally realized no one really cares. You with me, no one really cares. In the beginning it was quality content over creative and a beautiful setting. Today, though, I will tell you, you gotta have both. You gotta have great content and you gotta have great creative. You gotta have the right lighting, the right set, you gotta do it all. So that just probably talked a whole bunch of people out of doing it. (laughing) You know what I would do? I would actually go very tactical and say check out solutions by my friends at So BombBomb, there was a wonderful article Wall Street Journal or New York Times that the headline was The Epidemic of Facelessness. The epidemic of facelessness that we get so many texts and so many emails, we get bombarded every single day that none of the stuff is standing out and engaging anymore and you know we’ve had this experience. You’re following up on a lead, you’re like, hey, I sent you a text. And they’re like, yeah, I never got it. You’re like, no, I remember seeing the bubbles and then you stopped responding. So BombBomb did two things. I wanna invest in the app that actually captures the bubble, that would be awesome. BombBomb did two things really well, actually three things. Number one, they got you on video in a really simple, easy to use app. And what’s great about it, the second thing is, I shoot this little video and I say, hey, Jeannine, it was really great to meet you at the open house today. Thank you so much for taking the time to connect with me. Boy, I really hope we get the chance to work together and I’m actually doing some searches for you right now to see if I can find that ideal property. I’ll be following up in the next couple of days once I find something and until then, God bless. Video ends, I email or text it directly to Jeannine and then guess what? When she opens that email, my phone goes, ding. And you’re like, oh my God, they actually opened it. This is great. And then, ding, they just watched the video. Ding, they watched it a second time. Now I know I’ve got engagement. You with me on this? So they did those two things really well, the epidemic of facelessness, got our face out there, but then secondarily I know who’s watching it and who isn’t. But the third thing they did that I’m just super impressed by is last year they created a thing called Prompt where you actually pre-record 15 or 16 different videos, you upload it into their system and your email list and they send them out for you on your behalf. So the challenge that a lot of us have is the time to do it. The time to shoot the video, the time to get it edited, the time to do all these things, BombBomb Prompt solves that problem. So if you’re just getting started, having someone pre-write a script for you and just being able to read, hi, I’m Tom Ferry with Banana Real Estate. I’m really thankful that you’re watching this video and I wanna talk to you about blah, blah, blah, 16 pre-recorded videos. It’s set it and forget it, does that makes sense? – Yeah. – I would look at something like that as just an easy solution. There’s a lot of videos you can watch on YouTube about how to prepare. There’s a lot of great presenters out there that teach speaking skills, public speaking skills. So lean in. You’re in the communication business. You make your money because you engage and connect with customers, you build trust, you bring value, you solve problems. To be effective, you gotta be able to communicate. This is just another medium. Don’t be afraid of it. – Right, FYI, you had me at hi, Jeannine. Invest in yourself. Can I borrow your phone real quick. – Sure. – So have you guys seen those videos where people are walking in and they’re taping the house and they’re about to fall over and stuff? Have you seen how ridiculous that is? The little extras, what are they called? Not the selfie stick, the other ones. – Which one? – The other little amenities for you to utilize video where the phone’s not shaking or anything weird. – Yes, the iPhone X, there’s no shaky. I think the selfie stick is totally fine, but at the end of the day having your 12 year old just follow you around is probably completely fine. Especially because you couldn’t remember what the name of the thing is and I have no idea either. (laughing) – I know, but anyways, there are so many extras that you could utilize in order to– – Microphone, super important, plug it into your phone, put it on your blouse, put it on your shirt just for better sound quality, absolutely yes. – Awesome, so talk to me about your favorite videos. I was sharing one of back in the day when I was working for you, Tim Smith did an awesome video, awesome video, but of course he rented a helicopter and I know that the funds– – Probably not a good idea for $175,000 house in Kansas City. – Exactly, so what are your favorite videos that some of our audience could watch, get on there and get some ideas, if you could think of any right now? – I could think of hundreds just remembering all their names– – Just a few. – Yeah, actually what I would do is I would look at Chris Kwon from Douglas Elliman in Irvine, California. He’s doing some really creative stuff. Now, he loves editing, he loves the production and he sells a lot of real estate. So he’s blended a passion with his money making machine of real estate. So Chris Kwon, I think Kristoff Chew, forever. Kristoff was with me in 2009 when Gary Vaynerchuk was on stage at our summit and said, look, you need to start a Real Estate at Five show and I watched hundreds of people run out and buy flip video cameras and start. Kristoff was one of the early ones. What he’s doing now is he’s getting in his car every week with his iPhone, putting it basically in his Mercedes with one of those sticky sticky things and it’s on him and he’s like, hey everybody, it’s Kristoff Chew, Coldwell Banker. Today, I’m driving through Beverly Hills Flats and he describes the community, then he flips it around so now the video is now on the community of him driving and he just drives through the neighborhood and describes everything about the neighborhood. Well, guess what? When he uploads that into YouTube and tags it with Holmby Hills, new listings in, all that great stuff on YouTube, he’s getting come list me calls. He’s not even gonna like that I’m saying this on video. It’s so good from an SEO standpoint and it shows that you know the neighborhood. So you are that market expert, kind of like geographic farming. I would also look at people like Eileen Rivera. Eileen Rivera Long Beach, California does a fantastic job with using videos like this listing is coming soon, making an announcement to people. That’s always a good idea. Or the interview series that she’s been doing for years about people inside her community. Her focus was I wanna be one of the most well-known, connected, approachable people in the geographic farm that I serve. So she’s become that by interviewing people in their book club, by getting someone that was a for sale banner who ended up listing with her and selling at a high price and interviewing them, talking to the mayor in town, local politicians, all the restaurant owners, the school people. She’s gotten so embedded on video in her community that you can’t help but not think of her name in that area. Does that make sense? – [Jeannine] Yeah, it does. And then look at people like Kyle Whistle who won BombBomb’s number one video influencer out of a gazillion videos that were looked at. He does some things where he’s showing restaurants and there’s just something about always starting with food. It’s just easy, bars. And even though you say well what does that have to do with selling real estate? Well, he’s wearing Whistle Realty on his shirt as he’s walking around saying, hey today we’re walking in Jeannine’s restaurant. She owns blah, blah, blah and we love your hamburgers. Let’s get a photo of the hamburger. He’s just getting you engaged in the community and it’s not just hey, we’re Whistle Real Estate and we sell a lot of houses. And by the way, all those people I just mentioned are not just doing one thing, they’re doing multiple things, lots of different forms of video, which is what is causing them to stand out and be recognizable. – So in essence, there has to be a diversity? It just can’t be the testimonials? So in that diversity, so we could end quickly, because before we end, I want you to talk to me about the summit for a couple of minutes. In that diversity or that display of videos, what should we have? Should we have an all about me, a couple of testimonials? I’m not sure. – If I go to your website, if I go to your IGTV now, it would be great that I could go there and you could say, hi, I’m Tom Ferry and I sell real estate here in Newport Beach, California and here’s the neighborhoods I specialize in, like, let me get to know you. I have a family, I got two kids, they went to this school like I’m in the community. At the end of the day, people need to get to know who you are. That’s important. Then I’d have a first time buyer video, dos and donts of a first time buyer. I’d selling your home in Newport Beach, selling your home in Corona del Mar, selling your home in Shady Canyon. I would do a bunch of area specific or neighborhood specific videos about selling your home there and talk about the trends, what works what doesn’t. I don’t think you can have enough. If you can get clients to give you reviews on video, bananas. Otherwise, Zillow and Google are still really effective for that. Why not do an Instagram video of just 65 of your Zillow reviews just the text scrolling like that. There’s lots of creative ways to do it. So I’d have all those and more. – Great, so in essence, thank you so much for having me and I want for you to talk to us a little bit about the summit because Finance of America will be raffling out two tickets to your summit and we’re excited about being there. So talk to us a little bit about what’s going on this year. I know you’re always full of surprises. – Well, it’s the 15 year anniversary. They say if you make it past 10 years in business, you’re doing okay. (knocking) 15 years later, having a lot of fun. We’re gonna have several thousand people plus our livecast with thousands of people around the world with the same mindset, like the market’s making a shift right now. So what are the things that I need to be doing early? It’s like that Netflix example. If someone told you three years ago you should buy Netflix, basically you fell into one of three groups, the people that were like, I don’t like the software, it’s not my thing. Some said it’s a really good idea, they wrote it down, they did nothing because that’s a lot of people. They go, oh, they get all excited and do nothing. And then the third that’s like I’m gonna take advantage of that. Well, in three years that stock went from 350 to 700, then it split seven ways and now it’s back over 400. So if you bought $10,000 worth of shares, that 10 is now worth about 80. That was a really good decision. The challenge that agents have today is there’s too many decisions. There’s too many things to do. So by attending an event like the summit where we really narrow the focus around what are the most important consumer centric decisions you need to make, let’s narrow that down. What are the behavioral decisions you need to make? Let’s narrow that down. What are the most strategic marketing decisions you need to make and let’s narrow that down. The goal is to leave the room with six or seven things to do that can 2 or 3X your business and that’s what the summit’s about. Plus, the networking, the fun and the idea sharing. The people we attract is really extraordinary. But it really is a Netflix moment right now and there’s gonna be over the next 18 months to two years, a whole bunch of people that fall in that camp of yeah, that’s a good idea and do nothing. And some people like with we saw this in 2006,7,8 when they’re like I’m just not into that. Short sale’s not my thing, forget it and they just tanked. And then a third of the people that made the right strategic decisions, they dominated. That’s what the summit’s all about. – Awesome, well, thank you so much for watching us and thank you for being with us during all these tips and resources. I’m so grateful for this time. – Thanks for the opportunity. – I’ll see you soon. – Hey, I’m Tom Ferry and I wanna say welcome to real estate and there’s a pretty good chance no one’s told you there’s an 87% failure rate every five years in this business and there’s only two factors, agents don’t have the tools and they don’t take the right action. I’m gonna invite you to click the link below and get access to the tools so you can win in this business.