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Want to See Google’s 17 Million Terabyte Crystal Ball?


When you really know your audience, you spot patterns.

That's how you develop your own “crystal ball”…

You see the future, long before it happens.

And you profit early, while everyone else sleeps.

You have an unfair advantage.

Google realized this early on, and started recording every search request…

That's how they developed their own “crystal ball”.

Most people don't even know this info exists.

In fact, 17 Million Terabytes of Google data is literally at your fingertips…

Here's how to see it…



Video Transcript

We're here to talk about Google Trends in this video I'll let you know about how to do some keyword research use Google Trends in general and use Google Trends for brainstorming so let's get to the demo right now we're gonna take a look at Google Trends and how to use it for keyword research and just having an understanding of how popular keywords are you can even use it for a little brainstorming so let's get to the demo right now I talk about Amazon affiliate sites and project management so take a look around the channel if you like what you see please subscribe we're looking at Google Trends right now this is just like the home page here and you can get insights on what's going on what's trending right now so they have featured insights at the top and as you scroll down you can see the stories that are trending over like the last 24 hours here you can potentially you know have an idea of like what people are searching for and maybe right it would be hard but maybe you could create some sort of viral content based on what's popular now it's not really my style because you have to continually search for stuff create more content and chase things around but if you have some insight for example on like you know a movie is coming out in several months and you can sort of plan for when it's going to be popular then that could be interesting and this could give you like further insight so essentially you could do research on previous movies that have been released or whatever current event may be coming up maybe it's an event and then you could have content out in the right time period right so one thing that we see is Coachella 2018 and that is telling us that this time of year people are searching for code 20:18 so if you knew that and you looked at the trends over the past couple years which I'll click on it and see what what we see here if you understand that you could have content published ahead of time so that when this hits for 2019 2020 and so on you have content in place and you can serve the searchers so let's see what we have so they talked about Coachella 2018 and they're giving us a little information which is interesting in here is search interest in Coachella headliner so it's really giving us it a suite of information and gives us a pretty good idea of what what people search for so that said I'm gonna try and find the trend right so we see here back to 2014 so this is the historical graph is what we see here and this is insightful right so we see two spikes primarily and it looks like there was potentially a spike in you know roughly this time frame when were like leading up to it so we're sorry when we're leading up to the announcement I would suspect and then further you know around April there's even more information and it looks like there's a spike so every year February and April is when there is a spike in the searches for Coachella and what we can see is they tell us it reached an all-time high in April of 2012 and an annual festival was founded in 1999 so pretty interesting information and this is a way that you could use Google Trends to you know understand the seasonal type trends for specific events right and you can bring it down to a specific you know niche site or affiliate marketing example we'll take a look at that in a second so be sure to stick around now another thing I want to point out is you can go to like top charts and they have different categories and then you can select you know whatever country you want to look at you can look at you know specific years or months or whatever so we can maybe look at 2017 the entire year and then we have our categories listed so that's kind of interesting further you can go to categories and maybe we just want to focus on say nature and science and then we'll see pretty interesting stuff I'm a little surprised we don't see much about solar eclipse here in the u.s. I went to go see the total solar eclipse down in Idaho and it was amazing by the way so we don't see any of that here but the point is you could sort and look through this data however you want right so you can look historically 2008 the entire year what were the most popular trending actors right Miley Cyrus interesting who knew right okay so moving on bringing it down to a specific example that we maybe can use a little bit more for affiliate marketing we'll look at something seasonal we're gonna look at Christmas lights now I'm gonna get rid of this term here I was doing a little prep ahead of time so we're removing fireworks we're just looking at Christmas lights and you can see most of the time people are not searching for Christmas lights very much but we see around October it starts to go up people are looking and then in November it goes up a lot and then in December it goes up for a little while and then it starts dropping in the middle of the month and then it drops off like crazy last week of the year so one thing you can do is look at say the past five years you can put in a custom range but obviously it will probably see that every year there's a spike pretty similar spike you can see it goes up and then it drops a little bit that goes back up and then goes back and each year it seems to be getting a little bit higher and what this chart is the interest over time it's sort of relative to itself so a hundred percent is like the maximum observed and we could see here over the past five years seems to have been most popular in 2017 so it was quite popular 2016 wasn't quite as a like search for but 2015 was pretty high so you could kind of get an idea based on that that it's a rising trend even though we have the seasonal spikes it is a rising trend now we could even go back to 2004 and I suspect that it's generally a rising trend – if you were to smooth this out now what does this really tell us if you have a seasonal product like Christmas I had to try to pick an example that wasn't someone nitch specifically but if you have a seasonal type site you can really have a good understanding on like how popular a certain thing is going to be so if we look at the last 12 months we can see just in general people are not searching for Christmas lights for most of the year but it spikes so it doesn't mean it's bad to approach a seasonal niche it just means you have to understand what to expect and you would want to probably balance your portfolio or the products that you are reviewing by having different things that have it you know a different season that they're popular like fireworks this is sort of an arbitrary example so I don't know if it applies much but we could see in the US usually around July 4th fireworks get really darn popular right so that is the Independence Day celebration fireworks are really popular and when you look at the number of searches Christmas lights versus fireworks you can see that fireworks are way more popular most of the time then Christmas lights not most of the time but the spikes are higher so we see here you can compare two things together and when we look at Christmas lights it only gets up to an 11 on the scale right versus the hundred percent so that just means a lot more people in the season away search for you know fireworks in the July 4th time frame than people do in the you know Christmas timeframe now it doesn't mean that you know fireworks are way more popular necessarily one would have to go look at the deeper information using keyword research tools like keyword CAG for example to understand how much people are searching and what you can sort of gather from this kind of information is with the keyword research tools they are using averages right so they use an average for the overall searches over time different tools use different algorithms some use a 12-month average others use like a 30 month average or whatever right they could use whatever they want but if you have like that information and then you can see how many searches people have on this trendline you could kind of get an idea if there's like a spike in some portion of the or something like that these are extreme examples for a reason right I wanted to see the spikes here and the other cool thing that you can do with Google Trends is you'll see related queries right so they give us some information about the Christmas lights and the fireworks and stuff but then they also tell us related searches for each one so we have Christmas lights and then 4th of July fireworks and near me like what people are searching for Christmas lights near me and 4th of July fireworks near me indicate people want to go to an event right this is more event-driven versus anything else there's a lot of additional information here so leave a comment if you want me to go deeper in certain areas like for example you can look at interest by sub-regions so you could like dive into metro areas right so you can go a little bit deeper and see how the searches vary by geography so if you're doing like local SEO or something like that this may come into play a little bit more if you're just doing niche sites it doesn't apply as much but at this point we can see you know interest by City may be useful not not for us but Atlanta where I used to live and they have more specific Christmas lights that people are looking for or fireworks right before we get into the next part quick question for you do you use Google Trends and if so tell me in the comments how you use it i'm always looking to learn more and by the way everybody be sure you take a look at the comments because some of the best ideas do come directly from the audience it's really interesting how these things sort of play together and you could find may be correlations that don't exist you could find sort of trends that are related to each other and you can find interesting stuff now again for these I try not to out anyone's niche or anything like that but when you look at let's back out of the geography just to make sure we'll just do us you can look at these other related queries and maybe get an idea right for keywords to look up to see if they make sense for you to go after them now again these are arbitrary examples and are not product related directly but you can still get a good idea by the way you can download you know the list here CSV rising versus top so I think rising indicates the trend is moving up top is like what is your most popular so LED lights right so that is kind of product driven best Christmas lights so those are sort of keywords that are approachable potentially for a niche site overall I would say Google Trends is a really interesting way to get information on the trend of how popular your search is especially over time right so a lot of times people were worried about going after a niche that is dying and you can get an idea let's get rid of Christmas lights and see what fireworks have done over time so if you saw this if you ignore the spikes if you average this out this would seem okay it doesn't look like it's declining but every now and then people are worried like am I going after a niche that's just gonna go away so if you look at Google Trends over time you can get an idea you know since 2004 is when they have data and you can see it like either it's growing or it's getting small so for this fireworks it's growing right you can see over time there are roughly twice as many people searching for fireworks information than there were in 2004 so you can get an idea about that you could also do some brainstorming like I said if you're looking at Google Trends a homepage and you're like wondering like some big things that are coming up you could look at that sort of information stories that are trending right now so that's interesting very cool it varies all over the place so you could look at different categories if you wanted to so let's just look at business really quick business type articles and what's trending over the last 24 hours and you could again switch countries if you want to so it's kind of cool to do that sort of research just do general brainstorming to get an idea what's out there and then further if you want to you know look at historical information you know maybe for content if you're looking for informational content this could be an interesting way to do research perhaps you can look back at historical data and reference that you know Michael Jordan and Michael Phelps were search for like they were the two most searched for people in 2008 stuff like that so very interesting way you know when you couple this sort of trend information what you could find out in you know keyword research tools that could be pretty powerful to understand what people are searching for how many people are searching for on a monthly basis and the overall trend of the niche so again if you have any questions let me know if there's an area you want me to go deeper let me know in the comments and perhaps it'll be a topic for a new video.

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